Santorini : An Instagrammers Dream


I hope you enjoyed our honeymoon vlog which is wayyy overdue, but I hope it made up for the time you guys waited for it, hehee. So as promised (from the vlog), I want to get right into the details of our trip; where we stayed, places I highly recommend you eat at, where to go to watch the sunset, and where is the best places to take your Instagram photos.



Airbnb 1 - Studio With A View, Oia

This was the first our of the two Airbnb's we stayed at. The first four nights were spent at Oia, which is where most of the images you would've seen on the internet/my Instagram. This is what everyone assumes Santorini looks like. This is without a doubt the more picturesque and quaint side of the island, where boutiques, high-end hotels and homes are all colour coordinated to perfection. Our first Airbnb was not big, but it had everything we needed, a cleaner that came everyday, AND at an incredible location. Though the limited space did make us want to go out and explore more, rather than stay indoors. Located on the cliff of Oil, it is just steps away from central Oia, walking distance to the shops, restaurants, photogenic spots and supermarket. And as you can see, the view was just breathtaking, waking up to this was just a dream really. 

Airbnb 2 - The Holiday House, Fira

On our fifth day, we checked out and moved to the other side of the island, Fira. Before I went, I didn't know there were two parts to the island. I LOVED this Airbnb so much I wish I had a holiday home just like it. The minute we stepped inside the compound we felt so relaxed. This home had everything we needed too, a daily cleaner, an outdoor jacuzzi, a seating area outside and at the top of the house so you can watch the sunrise. The house was so nice we dedicated one day to just spend time indoors. Its location was really convenient too, just five minutes walk to the central area with all the ah-mazing seafood restaurants. Fira, is the less upscale side of the Island, but you can definitely find more activities to do on this side. And if you're on a budget, I recommend you staying on this side of the Island, as there are way more options here at more affordable prices. Stay at Fira, but you can always take the bus shuttle to Oia to snap your gorgeous pictures and watch the sunset. 



The food! Yes, the food. In case it wasn't obvious already in the vlog, one of the highlights of our honeymoon was the seafood. It was so hard editing the footages while fasting, I literally had to stop because it made me too hungry. I'm only recommending three places as there are soooo many but each of these had something unique about it. 


1. PARATHIRI RESTAURANT ART CAFE, Fira - This is where we tried our first grilled octopus (which is what everyone was asking us to try). It was so good that we are here three times! Order their signature garlic pasta too. I came back to KL and immediately tried to recreate it. I officially know how to make Santorini style pasta *pats self on the back*. It's not a fancy place. Laid back decor with delicious pasta and seafood platter. I rate this place 4.5 out of 5.


2. PELICAN KIPOS, Fira - Imagine eating in a garden, with grapes drooping down as you look above, with ambience music playing, laughter and chatter everywhere, and flowers blooming in big pots in every corner you can see. I actually took loads of footages here for the blog but I wasn't able to include it in due to some technical errors, ggggrrrrr. When we stumbled upon this cafe, we had just had lunch so we just went for a drink to chill and rest. I was blown away as just how beautiful the restaurant was. We went back for dinner a few nights after. Food wasn't amazing as the restaurant mentioned above, but it wasn't too bad either. I recommend you go for drinks and dessert. I rate this place 4 out of 5.

3. DIMITRIS AMMOUDI TAVERNA, Oia - We didn't actually get to eat here because when we drove down to the port it was closed as we went during off-peak season. But, this is one of the best places you can have seafood in Santorini. It's been there for decades and you are literally right at the water. Have your dinner there, at the foot of the cliff overlooking the sunset. 


4. LOLITA'S GELATO, Oia - Because it's so good and you need this for your Instagram. Enough said. You need that ice-cream shot against their pink wall and bright blue sky. 

*If you are looking for restaurants with a Halal certification, you will not find any. Just enjoy the seafood there and request that there be no alcohol cooked with your food (generally they don't anyways).


ANYWHERE IN OIA - You want to be at Oia to get all your photos. I actually tried my best to take note of street names so I can share this with you guys, but there are no street names there, just narrow alleys and rocky steps. Want to know where the best spots are to take your Instagram photos IN OIA? Literally ANYWHERE. I'm not even kidding, that's why Santorini is an Instagrammer's dream. Every door, every alley, every cliff, left and right, is as gorgeous as you can hope it to be. 


If you go off-peak season as we did (mid November), there is a lot less of a crowd, therefore making it uber easy for you to get in as many ootd's as you want. The down side to this is that, you don't get the super bright blue skies in the summer, and therefore lighting may not be as great as its potential here. We had two days of rain and overcast on our last few days here. My friend went there during summer but she said it was so hot and hard to get great photos because were just too many people crowding almost all the streets and alleys in Oia. So my suggestion is, go in September, while the weather is still warm and the summer crowd has disappeared.




1. VITRIN CAFE CREPERIE, Oia - The best spot to watch the Sunset at Oia is at this little cafe in between hotels on the cliff. They serve waffles, crepes, smoothies and greek coffee. We had the crepe and it was so nice to wind down for the day with the view of the sunset. But, keep in mind, there will be loads of people crowding there, so you have to go there early. If you don't get a place at the cafe, you can just stand around there as what we did on our first night there.

2. ORTHODOX CHURCH, Fira -  If you can't make your way to Oia for the sunset, make your way to the walkway in front of this central place as it overlooks the caldera. 



PERISA BEACH, Fira - There are so many beaches on this Island, but Yusuf chose this one and I was happy he did because they had black sand, lol. There were lots of restaurants a long the beach and cute little places to rest and relax. 



HIKING, Imerovigli - This was the hiking trail we did in the vlog that had the amazing view of the Island from the bottom. I highly recommend you bringing your sport shoes and going for an easy hike like we did so you get to see another side of the island. Bare in mind there are so many more hiking trails. If you're up for a more intensive one, do the hiking trail that starts from Fira and ends on the other side of the island, Oia. Lots of people do this so they can catch the sunset at the end of their hike, then they take a bus back to Fira. 


I hope this post can help you on your upcoming trip to Santorini, whether you're planning on going with your girlfriends or husband for your honeymoon. I can't rave about this island enough. If you have anymore questions you'd like to know that I haven't already answered, leave it in the comments below and I'll try my best to share as much as I know from my experience here.


See you guys in my next post! xx