Sunday, 27 July 2014

Something To Smile About

I woke up with a heavy heart this morning, since last night was the last of this blessed month (the last chance of it being Laylatul Qadr) and today will be the last day of Ramadan, till next year. And that's if we make it to next year, God willing.

Was texting one of my sisters this morning (who lives abroad) just sharing how I'm not getting that excited Hari Raya feeling just yet because the 'specialness' is all coming to and end in just hours. But thankfully she made me look on the bright side of things by reminding me that God's promise is true in that He will answer our prayers, especially those made in this past month.

Come to think of it, I did make some pretty awesome and interesting duas this past month. I've definitely got something to smile about now and hopefully so do you. We've still got another ten hours to go to put in any last minute duas you have till our last iftar. So ask away!

Ya Allah, please grant us all of the requests we've put in, accept all the deeds we've been doing and pardon us, for You are the One who loves to pardon.  :)


'No doubt about it, the people who tried to protect themselves (be conscious of Allah) are going to be in multitudes of gardens and constant blessings.

Enjoying themselves because of what Allah granted them. And Allah protected them from the punishment of the blazing fire.

"Eat and drink care free because of what you used to do." 

They will be reclining back on couches laid out in rows. And We have married them off to beautiful spouses with hypnotic mesmerizing eyes.

And those who believed and their future generations followed them with faith, We will join them together. We are not going to give them less than they deserve in any of their deeds at all. Every single person only in regards to what he/she earned is being held in collateral.

And We are going to extend them further with fruits and meat from all kinds of things they crave.'

(At-Tur : 17 - 22)

Those who are close to me know that I'm quite the daydreamer. I still dream that I'll be able to one day attend design school and learn all about fabric and paper pattern so I can cut and sew my own clothes whenever I feel like it (this is one I've been dreaming of since I was twelve). That some day I'll live by the countryside in a quaint house surrounded by enchanting lush greens, with all my favourite flowers growing in my backyard so I can pluck them whenever I please and flourish my home with. That some day I'll meet a guy to wed, who will inspire me in ways that'll make me fall in love with my Creator more and more each day. That the day will come when I wake up in the most beautiful place beyond my imagination, reunited with my late father and brother where we'll give each other big hugs and kisses. That moments before my death, I'll see Angels that will greet me with peaceful salams to calm my soul by showing me a glimpse of the Light as an indication that Paradise will be my eternal home.

I daydream about things in this lifetime and the next. Except I always feel like my dreams for the afterlife are always very farfetched because I know I don't have much to show in my books to get a pass to Paradise. Kind of makes me want to hashtag this to myself #wishfulthinking.

 When you read the first two ayats above, notice how Allah refers to people in Paradise as 'them' speaking in the third person. Of course I wouldn't dare to think myself as one of 'them'. But! In the next ayat, Allah suddenly speaks in the second person, speaking directly to us, inviting us to imagine ourselves as one of 'them'. "Eat and drink care free because of what you used to do." Now if Allah is going to invite you and I to imagine us in Paradise, enjoying ourselves because of what we used to do in this life right here, it's hard not to dream about it.

And then He continues with more beautiful descriptions of Paradise (above), only to surprise us with more exciting news. '….We will join them together…'.  In this ayat, Allah explains to us that righteous generations of family will be reunited together with the best amongst them. So even if you and I are like (hypothetically) just-make-the-cut believers, but your parents or grand parents were of the strong believers, out of Allah's Mercy, He will elevate us to the higher levels of Paradise so we can hangout together. First thing that came to mind was, alright, I'm going to latch on to my mum, hahaa. And then I started thinking of my great grandfather Umar, the man I inherited my slanted eyes from. He was from China, migrated here, then accepted Islam and married the sweetest, most caring petit lady, my great grandmother. My mum told me she was at her feet when she passed away and heard her utter La ilaha illallah (There is no God rightfully worshiped except Allah) just before she took her last breath. To pass away with those word….that they must've lived by it. A chance to be able to meet them, sure would be a dream.

So I'm going to keep dreaming, even though it may seem farfetched, and so should you. Allah wants us to imagine ourselves there in Paradise. In a place that will exceed any dreams we may have for ourselves in this life. We just have to those who are always conscious and mindful of Him. 

Ketupat Weave

Just a quick one before I head out to run more errands today. Was going through my ever growing back log album of cake pictures to share and this weave inspired cake design that we did a few months ago really reminds me of the anyam of a ketupat. The one thing we managed to learn from my grandmother before she passed away was how to anyam our own ketupats from scratch. I hope my sisters and I will continue this tradition of making our own so we can pass it down to our kids and their kids and so forth inshaAllah!

Hope you guys have a great day ahead and have the strength to do any last minute shopping and preparation you have left before Eid tomorrow! :)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

At The Masjid

'O Children of Adam! Take your adornment (by wearing your clean clothes) while praying (at every Masjid), and eat and drink but waste not by being excessive, certainly He (Allah) likes not those who commit excess.'
(Al-A'raf : 31)

Have a lovely weekend before Eid comes our way! May Allah swt except all the deeds we are trying best to squeeze in to these last few days of Ramadan. :)

Friday, 25 July 2014


As I share these pictures with you, I can't help but think back to how it all started with Gateauxlicious. One word. Cupcakes! Countless boxes of twenty five little cupcakes left our kitchen, amateurly decorated with butter cream and the occasional cut out sugar flower. I cringe when I look back at the work we produced seven years ago. Thankfully, we have such loving friends and family to cheer us on, and supportive customers that continued to have our sweets as part of their celebrations. And thankfully, Allah swt blessed us with hands that are able and eager to learn more as we continue to try refine the little details that matter. So as much as my mum, sister and I cringe when we look back at old cupcake or cake pictures, it's nice to see how far along we've come.

Our kitchen and work space doesn't quite look the same anymore. Less cupcakes are baked as we focus on wedding and celebration cakes now. But I will never forget how it all started.

Even with all the mistakes we've made, (and by we, it usually is me in the team that makes them, hihii) mixed up deliveries and such, things still work out in the end. So thank you to all my friends, family, customers (and even instagram followers) for all the crazy support we've gotten for the past seven years. 

All praise and thanks be to Allah! :)

And thanks to Tatler Malaysia too for featuring Gateauxlicious again in this year's wedding issue. :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014


My New Black

Scarf dUCk / Dress Nora Danish for FashionValet

I guess miracles do happen because I think I may have fallen in love with a scarf that isn't black. Gaspp! It's still a neutral colour so i'll still be able to match it with just about everything I own (which is mostly black, white or beige, hahaa). Anyways, I actually have probably the smallest collection of scarves compared to most women out there, so small I panic when I can't find one of them. Up until this collection came along. I don't buy scarves on impulse because it has to have the right flow, colour, material and length (long like the ones you get with abayas you buy from Saudi you know). And the new range of dUCk scarves really has it all. Not because it just happens to be my best friend's brand, I promise! But I guess you'll have to get one to know what I mean. ;)

Hope you guys have a fruitful day ahead, and don't forget to smile!

Photos by Nurul N.