Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Forever Young

Growing up, I didn't always make the right decisions on many occasions, especially in my teens. But one thing I did, was keeping these friends close to me. We grew up together in Perth, seeing each other through our reckless high school days, struggled together with our uni assignments and till today, seeing each other grow up into some what adults as we celebrate one of them turning 30! (although she looks more like she just finished high school) God blessed her with a petit figure and youthful genes, hence why our tag line for this one is Forever Young, hehee.

Last weekend, we drove up to Janda Baik early in the morning and spent a blissful day there. Up a narrow gravely road (as all roads are there), we parked our picnic mat in front of Pinto Coffee, a community cafe that's really worth driving out of the city for. If you happen to be there, get a cup of coffee or on a hot day, have their strawberry or mango smoothie. It's soooo good! We had a lovely big breakfast and the servers were kind enough to send out our smoothies to us 
at the grass area. 

It was a Sunday, our tummies were full and the breeze from the wind was all too perfect. The only thing that made sense for us to do together as we used to do back in our days in Perth was to take a nap together. And so we did under the blue skies we had that day. :)

Hope you guys had a lovely time too last weekend!

Photos by Yours Truly

Deep In The Dunes

'Travel through the earth and see how Allah originated creation; so will Allah produce the second creation (of the Afterlife); for Allah has power over all things.'

Al-Ankabut: 20

Sometimes, if you take a closer look, the Quran will push you to stop reading, and instead, go out, look, travel and explore. My teacher reminded me that the best tafseer of an ayat is not always found in a scholar's book or youtube video. It is found in the skies, in the blossoming of flowers or in this case, deep in the dunes.

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One Sunday last year, I woke up here, in the middle of the desert, with my feet buried deep in the sand. As my family and I drove past Dubai's city skyline and into the outskirts, there was a significant change  of scenery, and our eyes were inevitably glued to this visually stunning landscape in front of us. This was definitely one of those moments you can't feel grateful enough to have been able to experience and see with your own eyes.

As I walked up and down the sandy strokes, with my bare feet planted in the warm sand, my thoughts had flipped open a page to the life of the Arabs that once lived here centuries ago. The extreme breadth of the land and not knowing what's beyond, made it clear that there was nothing to aid in finding your bearings if you got lost out here. And that right there, opened my eyes to why the guiding stars above were so significant in helping them as they make their way through an infinite land of nothingness, in the utter darkness of the night.

That evening, we slept in an open tent under the stars and moon, and that led me to this page of His book:

'So I swear by the positions of the stars. Truly, this is a mighty oath, if you only knew. And no doubt about it, that this is the Quran, full of majesty, grace and nobility.' (Al-Waqiah: 75-77)

As much as Allah swt was speaking to the Arabs who depended ever so much on the navigation stars to travel through an infinite land of darkness at night, He is also speaking to us, today. We may not always find ourselves looking up to the stars for direction (because we have our waze or gps on our smartphones), but most likely, we will find ourselves a little lost in the darkness of our own lives. Distractions, painful tests or challenging situations. You and me, we go through our days and this life a lot like a traveller, always looking for directions in hopes that we'll make the best decision in any given situation.

So we are reminded by these beautiful ayats, that the twinkling guiding stars above, are just like His ayats in the Quran. They are whats going to help us get through this life. Turn to His words for guidance always, not just when we're lost. Let its goodness twinkle in our hearts and minds for that much needed light we are in need of all the time.

….and so we woke up here, to a perfect sunrise that slowly wrapped us with some warmth from the cold night. :)

Photos by Umar Muhajir

Friday, 10 April 2015

Hello Spring!

"...while those who have faith and do good deeds will be in the flowering meadows of the Gardens, where they shall have whatever they wish and desire from their Lord; that is the great Bounty (Paradise)."

Ash-Shura: 22

This time last year, I was so blessed to be roaming the streets of Paris in Spring with my family and some friends. I have one too many vivid memories of this travel diary, and one of them was this right here. 

Magical glimmering sun rays, peace and quiet between rows of enchanting tress at Jardin du Palais Royal, perfectly bloomed flowers as far as the eyes can see. As I stood under the stunning beauty of weeping branches covered in thousands of tiny pink petals, I realized I was starting to gravitate towards things that were more organic. For someone like me, who used to feel most comfortable in the concrete jungle, this somehow felt weirdly natural. 

The seasons had changed, and so did I. :)

Photos by Kim L. and Yours Truly

Anemones at The Eiffel

My mind must be subconsciously traveling through Paris right now. I did an instagram throwback post on one of my favourite memories there, my previous post was there and well, the cake I've decided to share today just so happens to have the Eiffel tower on it, hehee. So I apologize if my nostalgia for Paris is obvious. Last year, when I got back from my trip there, I couldn't stop talking about just how amazing my experiences were, my sister (who couldn't come along) said she would happily shoot me if she had a shot gun and heard the word Paris come out of my mouth one more time. -_____-

So back to this cake. A few days before we started working on this cake, I got a text message from the birthday girls cousin inquiring if we could make it on short notice. Thankfully, we were able to squeeze one more order in, and would've tried our best to even if we couldn't (not because the theme of the party was 'A Night in Paris' I swear) because it was a celebration for one of our customers who's been supporting us since our early days. We did our first ruffle cake with her, and just as how she's married now and is growing her small family of three, my mum and I too have grown so much since her first cake order with Gateauxlicious. She's been so kind to include us in just about every celebration of hers, and we can't be happier to be a part of them.

Happy turning 28 on the 28th last month Diana! Thank you for always appreciating the little details we put on our cakes as how we do. :)

Photos by Yours Truly

Feed A Family

Salam guys! Just a quick one to share. So I have the perfect reason for you to spring clean your wardrobe and home!

Some of my friends are organizing a charity bazaar for Carefugees to help raise funds for their next Feed A Family Campaign. The team is looking for good quality pre-loved items such as designer handbags, wallets, shoes, household items and books. If you have any of these items and would love to donate them, they would be ever so grateful. 

The best part is, they can come and collect the items from your home, so do contact them (numbers are stated in the poster below). But if you can send it to them, I'm sure it will be highly appreciated. The last collection date is on the 25th April 2015. The actual event which they have just about every year will be:

May 16th & 17th
Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)

Please do spread the word to your friends and family okay. :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

That Naked Cake

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and I couldn't be happier to be in my quiet space dusting petals and decorating this heavenly chocolate cake. The bride wanted a full on rustic look for her hantaran cake, hence the request of a naked cake, and, she has a love for butter cream so definitely no fondant here. And the sugar flowers, that she left to us. So there we went with a mix of classic ivory roses, dusted leaves, and fuchsia ruffle edged ranunculus petals for the much needed balance of texture. 

I brought in a little bit of my garden, plucking long stems of leaves from my small bougainvillea bush, hence the rain droplets on my table top. I find they help keep me inspired for a natural flow when arranging my sugar flowers. I wonder what inspires you other cake decorators out there...

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Live as you will, but know that one day you will die.

Love who you will, but know that one day you will be separated from them.

Do as you will, and know that one day you will be compensated.

Know that a believers nobility is in his standing in prayer in the night.

And his dignity is in his independence of people.

These were the words of reminder from angel Jibrail (peace be upon him), the trusted spirit, to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). I learnt the other night that he wasn't just any angel that delivered spiritual life and revelation from Allah swt, he was a true spiritual companion that gave solace to our Prophet (peace be upon him).

 Goodnight for now.
Tomorrow's another day to learn something new. :)