Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Special Ramadan

Salam everyone!

How's your Ramadan going? Can you believe we're already almost half way through. I'm really hoping all of you are in the best of health and iman. Speaking of health, I was really unwell for almost five days straight, which felt like a month because I rarely fall sick. But I did, as all of us do. I was mostly in bed because the awesome combination of a fever, cough and the flu just didn't allow me to get much done at all. Alhamdulillah, it has passed and I couldn't be happier to get right back into the Ramadan groove. :)

While I was stuck in bed, I randomly texted my friends and family asking them what their favourite thing about this month was because I needed some positive reminders. Thought I'd share with you what some of their favourite things are..

I love this month because it brings families closer together at the dinner table where everyone gathers. And everyone is in a good mood cause they wanna eat, hahhaa.

That we're given Laylatul qadr. For me that's the game changer.

Why you suddenly asking me such deep questions. Ask someone else. -______- 

Everything. Can I say everything?

The mosques. I love seeing the mosques full and all the blessings like how Allah's even closer to you and its so much easier to get closer to Allah and how Allah gives us the last ten nights and how He'll forgive us if we approach this month with sincerity and stuff. (haha, and stuff)

Qiyam during the last ten days.

Repentance. Even the most preferred dua during this month if about repentance. I love that in this month especially, my first and last dua when I wake up and before I sleep, is all for Allah to forgive me.

Ramadan is a super super special month for me for many personal reasons too. It was in this month that I first decided to cover up, it was in this month that I chose to start praying, it was in this month that I first truly read the Quran and its meaning, and have fallen in love with it ever since. They didn't all happen in the same year, but it did all happen in this blessed month of Ramadan. And so I hope this is the year that you and I inshaAllah experience something new or renew our relationship with our Creator and His Book of Guidance, in our own special way. :)

Monday, 15 June 2015

LtD Eid 2015

Follow Love To Dress' instagram to know more about the story behind this upcoming Eid 2015 collection. We're really excited for its launch this weekend inshaAllah!

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Salam guys!

I came a across a really good read recently and thought I'd share it here since I haven't had made time to share my thoughts lately. It's a bit of a long one, but do have a read and take your time to reflect on it and see how you can implement the practical tips shared. And there's a really interesting video at the end, so you have to finish reading it (or you can just scroll right to the end I guess, hehee).

No Monday blues alright. ;)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Double The Fun

About a year ago, something in my body must've been rewired because I woke up one day with a sudden craving for a cup of coffee. It's really weird because prior to that day, I hated the taste and the stench of it. Today, I have to limit myself to one or two a day, but usually fail miserably. 

So a few months back when a friend of mine and her husband told me they are planning to open a cafe, I was excited for sure! And was more than happy that they wanted to have Gateaux desserts available there, alongside some cakes from other local bakers they love (That Last Slice & Sugar Rush). They've only officially opened their big glass doors just under a month and already gotten a lot of support and regulars too. If you spot a very cheery husband and wife behind the counter, that's the two warm and passionate people behind Double A Cafe.

 Anyway, I was there with my sister, niece and some close friends a few days ago. More than one of us was feeling a little down (perhaps it is that time of the month when our hormones go all wonky on us), so a good catch up and relaxing afternoon was just what we all needed. So there we had our loud outbursts of laughter, with a few cups of coffee (try their creme brule latte) and some dessert.

I can't wait to pop by double A again. It's a space filled with beautiful natural light, warmth and a whole lot of positive vibes. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.

Have a lovely weekend ahead guys! :)

The Elysian

Love To Dress dress / dUCk scarf

I'm actually really excited to be able to share these photos with you guys as this was a dress I have been working on since end of last year. The Elysian dress was one I had to rework and redo all its measurements and detail until the team was fully happy with its flow and cutting. This was the dress that really tested my patience as what I visioned didn't translate to what was being produced by our manufacturer, until now. 

Alhamdulillah, we took time with it though because when I got the news that we had the opportunity to create a collaborative collection with Fashion Valet for this EID 2015, I knew instantly Elysian was the feature dress for this collection. Its simplicity and structure was the source of inspiration for me as I design the other three dresses. And with each design, the priority is always about a flattering modest fit, that is both comfortable and functional. So months before its release I gave it a test run. I wore it out walking in the city, to a wedding to make sure the material was suitable for our hot weather, and most importantly, wore it to solat to see whether it was comfortable to do so in it. 

Women want to look and feel good, doing just about anything, and if I have the opportunity to create dresses that can do all that, and look beautiful as we stand in front of our creator five times a day, then that's going to keep me going and inspired to keep pushing myself to create more inshaAllah!

Click here to view the Love To Dress x Fashion Valet collection. :)

Photos by Kim L.