Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekend Reads

Woke up relaxed this morning and thought I'd share some good online reads I came across recently. 

Received an email recently from one of my readers seeking help on how she can forgive someone that hurt her real bad. There wasn't much I could offer but I shared this read about forgiveness because it actually benefited me so much when I had some trouble of my own. 

Something I clicked on cause the title was just so catchy, hahaa. But also, we're all in need of a little tolerance and wisdom when it comes to accepting differences between us. Being religious without being a jerk. 

A truly inspiring watch from Tory Burch herself. She shares just how important it is to believe in your vision and brand regardless of what people think, especially when you have a bigger plan for it not just be a fashion/lifestyle house, but as a means of giving back to the community through supporting struggling women entrepreneurs. And, her company runs on no debt! Impressive for sure.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone! :)

Brooklyn Bridge

Mimpikita blouse & skirt / dUck scarf / Zara heels

Early morning coffee on the Brooklyn Bridge with Kim was the perfect start to our day. Prior to walking the bridge, I actually didn't google on how far it was from one end to the other or how many minutes of a walk it would be. We just knew we wanted to take our time on it, so by the time we reached Manhattan, it would be time for brunch!

After some slow motion skipping in my puffy skirt (something the little girl in me always wanted to do hehee), we sat on the bench and people watched. There were cyclists in suites zooming past us in a rush (heading to work I assume), tourists snapping literally every angle of this iconic bridge, old romantic couples cuddling as they enjoyed the breathtaking view of the city and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Having spent some time on the bridge that morning sipping my latte warm milk (that sleepy looking barista probably forgot to add in the coffee to my cup of milk), I looked around at this architectural wonder and realized just how significant this bridge was to this city and the lives of the people there. It is a means to get to work, a place for peace and relaxation (that would cost you nothing at all), a place for people to sell stuff, it was a tourist attraction, where students had school excursions to learn and so much more. But beyond that, the Brooklyn Bridge has arguably inspired more art than any other man made structure in the United States. This trip was all about finding inspiration, and so we did.

Photos by Kim L.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hit It Now

So what are you guys doing tomorrow? I've got some plans for you!

Let's tune in together for some Quran loving from our laptop. All you have to do is sign up for Ustaz Nouman's Live Webinar titles, The Undiscovered Quran. Here's the link to click on mmmkay to Register: If you're in KL, it will be on at 10am tomorrow morning, 19th November. :)

 For now, here's an old one if you'd like to watch tonight.

New York and I

Salam everyone! I hope each and everyone of you are in the best of health and iman. :)

Gosh I'm super thrilled to finally be able to sift through the images in my memory card from my trip a month ago. There's so much to share about this city, I don't know where to start. So I've decided to share the moments I managed to capture (this is an extremely long post, just a heads up). Kim and I spent fourteen days there and knew we wanted to take it easy and not rush anything because we wanted to take in each and every experience we could wholeheartedly. 

Here is New York through my eyes.

 The Sackler Wing at the Met Museum was a place I had on my inspiration board for Love To Dress' upcoming collection. I felt like I had been there even though this was my first encounter with the peace and light there at The Met. I read somewhere it was very much possible to miss a place you've never been.

A restaurant we had to do a double take at because the food was just.... *wipes droooools* especially this starter of Sheeps Milk Ricotta with honey and truffle oil. The corner where it's at is also always bombarded by paparazzis because celebrities often are around there my friend told me (I swear that's not why we ate there, hehe). That day we went, there they were, a sea of cameras. I was nosy and decided to stand beside the group of papparazzis trying to figure out who was about to come out of the shop beside the restaurant. My sisters kept saying you need to at least spot one on behalf of all of us, haha. But I was too short to peek between the paps and I was more interested in spotting the good food they put out here at Locanda Verde in Tribeca. :)

Oh, Guggenheim, you will have my heart forever.

Alrighty, let's take a deep breath and perhaps a coffee break too, before we dive into another set of pictures. 

So a little funny story for the next set of pictures. The last Airbnb place we stayed at was located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, my favourite one! It's the most picturesque neighbourhood you can imagine (the houses are built similar to that in The Westvillage in Manhattan, except here it's a little rough on the edges). So a subway stop away we found this corner where the most adorable person called Coconut Rob stood. With his cute booth set up selling coconut smoothies and sugar cane drinks, we couldn't help but chill out for a bit there. Just as Kim started videoing him for her Snapchat, while he blended our drinks and out of all the questions he asked me, it had to be this....  

Coconut Rob: So what you doing all the way here in this side of New York. You looking for a good Muslim bratha? 

Me: -_____________-  Sighhhh, sure, why not. You know any? (my mum must've secretly written this on my forehead; Muslim girl searching for Muslim man hahaa)

If you are in New York, you HAVE to go to this side of Brooklyn and fuel yourself up with one of his drinks, it's ridiculously delicious and healthy. Anyway, I think he enjoyed our little hangout there too as much as we did because I just noticed he put Kim and I on his facebook cover page here, hahaa.

SubhanaAllah, it was so magical up there I had to pinch myself (and kim cause I like to kacau her for fun). I also had to pinch myself cause it was so cold and windy up there I wanted to check if I could still feel haha. Kim recommended we go to the Top of The Rock instead of going up the Empire State so we could see the best of both. We were hoping to catch the beautiful sunset from up high but instead God decided rain from up high was much needed that day for the city of New York, so a mysterious overcast left us touched. From up here, where you realize you're just one tiny person, your mind will naturally drift off to deeper thoughts and so you should, from time to time.

 We had a picnic, we napped under a tree, cycled carelessly and rowed our boats like idiots under the Bow Bridge. What a beauty of a day it was.

Spent an amazing Saturday with some childhood friends who live there now. I miss you Syaheedah! (if you're reading this) Loved the difference of view and pace that we experienced in New Jersey Hoboken. We popped by Carlo's Bakery and stuffed our faces with their highly recommended lobster tail while we enjoyed the view of Manhattan by the calm water. I miss that day.

The night before flying back to KL, we decided to have one last dinner together in the city. Maghrib was just around the corner, and Kim, myself and another friend found ourselves gifted with this serene sunset. Hana and I were scratching our heads though where we could pray nearby. It didn't take long to realize right there, under a fly over was the perfect place. We needed to pray there and then for this gift. Hana told me afterwards she felt better when someone does it with her when in public. Solat is always nicer when it's together isn't it, in the home or outside, wherever you are.

Syaheedah's little angel, Layla. Is she not the cutest little fashionista?! May Allah swt bless you with beauty on the inside and outside my little darling.

A walk down the street from Devocion cafe in Williamsburg Brooklyn, we found ourselves sitting on the rocks by the water here. If I were to be able to visit New York again, this is most certainly where I want to be at again. Where it's quiet and calm. It was not like any scene I'd watched in any movie.

I've got so much more to share, but will do that in my posts to come inshaAllah. For now, I'm glad I was able to share this with you guys. Every one has their own New York story. This is ours. :)

Photos by Yours Truly and Kim L.