Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Counting Down

Oh how time flies! It's been a year already since she shared the good news, and felt like just months ago when I took her to the tailor to get herself measured for her wedding dress (which by the way is possibly one of the prettiest classic white wedding dress I've seen made in awhile). And for someone who planned and decided on literally everything from choosing the location, food, table cloth cover, wedding card design, lighting of the hall, all the decor and the list goes on, she has been so calm, with minimal bridezilla moments. Hopefully she'll still be as calm as she has been for the past year, because her big wedding weekend is happening in just three more days! 

I'm actually most excited about being able to be a part of the Chinese wedding door games. I've heard so much about this tradition and can't wait to see the groom and his party get tortured (we have some very interesting games lined up), hehee. But I'm also super nervous because she just asked me to give a short speech, along with three of her other closest friends. My tummy always feels like it's about to jump out when I'm asked to speak publicly, but I think I'm going to brave this one because I would love nothing more than to share with everyone there that night, the amazing person that she is through my eyes and a special prayer for the couple.

To my Kimmy & Jason! Here's to ending the year with an exciting two week wedding celebration!!!

Last month in Melbourne, at the surprise picnic bridal shower we threw for her at the Stables of Como. :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Parliament

Scarf dUCk / Dress Love To Dress from FashionValet / Pants Sportsgirl / Shoes Zara 

After a week of quiet living in the suburbs of Victoria and wedding fun up on the mountains, I packed my bags and headed to Melbourne city to be closer to my newly wedded friend (who also just shared some of her ROM pictures here). I was up bright and early ready to smell the city's fresh coffee roast and make my way through a long list of quirky cafes and eateries my friend had prepared for us to get through together. While waiting for her to drive through the morning traffic from her side of the city, I made my way to the Parliament house and waited by the steps, taking in the glorious morning sun.

I just realized I was also wearing this same A'isha wrap dress in my first post I shared when the Ummah collection first launched, and I guess this will be the last post I share from this collection because I hear Love To Dress will be releasing something amazing soon (follow LTD on instagram to see what's happening next). This wrap dress is something I can see myself wearing and having in my wardrobe for a very very long time, because I have yet to come by one that fits as well as this. And the colours, well they're colours I live in.
Photos by Kim L.

*Love To Dress is having a sale now on FashionValet and Modvier. Don't miss is :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Good Morning

This is what my weekend is going to look like. 

Hope you guys have something to look forward to this weekend! :)


I think I was about fourteen years old when I applied my first swipe of eyeshadow and lip gloss. It started with that, and then the next year I added mascara to my make up bag, and eventually made the concealer and eyeliner a part of my face. It got to a point where I would feel uncomfortable to step out of the house without it. I'm not sure what was it that convinced me, at such a young age, that my bare face wasn't good enough to face the world with. I needed cosmetics to make feel better about myself and more beautiful. Was it because I grew up with smaller slanted eyes compared to the other girls who had big blue and brown eyes in school, or the influence from all the beauty magazines I read religiously, or the fact that I just didn't think the features God gave me were beautiful enough.

'No doubt about it, We have created the human being in the best of forms'.
          (At-Tin: 4)

It's funny how I've known this ayat (the arabic text of course) my whole life, but never once did I actually read it for what it meant. This happened about the same time I watched this video. And that's when I knew I couldn't take this issue I had
lightly anymore.

So I have a six year old niece who is way too mature for her age. Almost every time she would see me in front of the mirror about to wear my makeup just before we go out, she will ask , 'Why are you wearing make up today?' I would have all sorts of answers you can think of to give to this little girl. 'Because today, I want to look extra pretty. Because I need to cover up this scar right here. Because...' Sometimes, to avoid having to answer her, I'd give her my make up bag and let her wear some too. After a while, I couldn't give her answers anymore, because not only was it teaching her the wrong things, I felt it was all just a lie really. I wish I could tell her the truth, and it's because I have gotten so used to covering up and redefining my real face since I was a teenager, I had found it hard to find my bare face beautiful. The one with flaws, dark eye circles and scars. 

My face is so far from flawless, and perhaps yours is too, and that's okay. Heck, it's more than okay, it's probably beautiful too. Took me twenty seven years to realize my definition of beauty was distorted and far from what Allah speaks about. While it may sound cliche, and I could be wrong too, the real beauty I see from people wearing their bare face is probably from a sound heart. A heart that doesn't depend on things in this world. In my case, cosmetics to make me feel more confident and beautiful. He already created you perfect, from the shape of your nose to the fingers you use everyday.

The issue isn't about cosmetics at all. It was me feeling less of a person without it. I still have some days when I feel the need to cover up my flaws. But now, I'll have some good days too. Those days, I'll brave myself and go out bare faced. And it would be on those days that I bump into someone, an old friend or acquaintance. People who are used to seeing full on made up me. I think that's just God trying to make me braver. On those days, I'll remind myself that He created me with much thought and design, different from the millions, and that is beautiful enough.

May Allah swt make it easy for us to see beauty for what it really is, as we read His ayats and truly believe it, so we can let ourselves free from our own struggles or issues we may have planed deep in our hearts.

Monday, 3 November 2014


Because I woke up missing this city a little more than usual.

Friday, 31 October 2014


Salam and good morning!

Here's a little something to motivate me and you. :)

May Allah make it easy for us to find and spread our light.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Naked Cake

Scarf dUCk / Dress Mimpikita

When my close friend got proposed to a year ago, she knew exactly how she wanted her wedding day to play out (as do all women huh). She knew the type of place she wanted it to be held at, the kind of ethereal dress that'll flow gracefully as she walked down the aisle, the kind of music to set the ambiance, and, she knew she wanted me to make her wedding cake, no matter what. Of course, I was so excited to do it for her…….until the actual day came.

Two days before the wedding, I had settled all the baking at one of the groomsmen home as his wife had a lovely KitchenAid mixer, and two brand new ovens. It was way more promising then my friend's vintage oven with a door that wouldn't shut properly, hahaa. So in the morning, I was feeling pretty confident having brought along all my tools, had all the cake layers in a row, had the fresh jam, strawberries and cream all readily whipped, and ready for the cakes to be stacked. But me being me, left the stacking of the cake slightly less than an hour before the ceremony was about to start, thinking I could do this in half an hour. Silly me forgot that my mum and helper weren't there to help me as they usually would back home. 

As I started working on layering each cake with jam and cream, I notice things weren't moving as fast as it usually would. At each layer, a family member or one of the guests would pop over and have a chat with me as they were excited to see how it would look like. Some even asked me to explain the process, and asked me to stop and smile as they wanted to snap pictures of 'the making'. I'm like, are you kidding me right nowwwww. I needed to be at the alter in half an hour and I was barely half done.  I kept that bridesmaid smile on, but I was panicking like mad inside! My laugh started becoming nervous laughters, my armpits started sweating (the weather was cold guys), and cream and sugar started creating beautiful stains on my scarf. Just great.

If you ask me, the cake was a little browner than I wanted it, the layer of cream wasn't as thick as it should be and the cake was wonky here and there. But, it was too perfect of a night to let these little imperfections bug me, and everybody only had nice things to say as they just couldn't wait to get a slice. Nobody cared for a perfect cake, not even the bride, they were just to happy there was cake.

So alhamdulillah, there it was, their rustic wedding cake, flawed and all. But it's okay cause I made it with love, so that makes it more beautiful than a lot of the wedding cakes I've made before. :)

Photos by Rob Tran & Lakshal Perera