Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Knot

dUCk scarf / Mimpikita dress (both from FashionValet) / Zara heels

The past few months, perhaps weeks in particular, have been quite the challenge for me, trying to get in the groove of juggling my time between my cakes and familiarizing myself with the things involved in getting a collection of dresses to come to life. (Oh, that's right, I forgot I haven't shared with you guys the fact that I'm not just designing cakes now, apparently, I'm designing dresses too for Love To Dress) Thankfully, I psyched myself up for mistakes to happen, and boy have I made quite a few already, but I'm learning along the way. I've recently come up with a schedule for myself to help balance both, which I'm finding quite hard to stick to just because I've never been a fan of structure. But if there's one thing I try my best not to compromise is the time I put aside everyday to reply emails, especially on Monday's. That's my time off from the kitchen and cake counter. With my glass of juice and shot of wheat grass I force myself to drink (in hopes of getting rid of the pimple party happening on my visage), I'll be glued to my laptop screen. But this particular Monday, I had an itch to be outside away from all three inboxes.

So I got out of my pajamas, slipped into this ridiculously comfortable knot dresses I recently got online at FashionValet (although it may seem otherwise since it falls beautifully too), picked up my friend and had our little quiet time here. This little morning outing probably messed up my schedule that day but it gave me a little bit of my sanity back and calmed my nerves, which is exactly what I need for a smooth week and month ahead, inshaAllah.

On a positive note though, Thursday has always been my favourite day of the week, because that means the weekend is just around the corner. And if you're planning on reading some Kahf tonight, do have a listen to this tafseer of one part of the surah if you can.

So this is my cue to head into the kitchen now. You guys have a lovely weekend ahead! :)

Photos by Kim. L

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Thing For Ruffles

Hello weekend!!

I'm up super early this Saturday morning packing to get everything ready for my close friends last wedding reception tonight (refer to previous post) up in Tanarimba. We are all so excited to spend the weekend up in the hills too. A little time away from the city is always good. 

So I've been absent again from the blog because the past few weeks have been just so hectic and I'm really struggling to organize my time better. We're coming to the end of the year and there's still so so much I've been wanting to share here with you guys, so I'm going to try my best to put aside some time every morning to spend some time in this space. And the first one this morning is this Ruffle number we did last weekend. 

Just so happened that we made two of this cake design this weekend for two different weddings. I had a relaxing rainy evening last weekend painting its edges gold to add a little contrast. As I was working on both of them, I realized that ruffles are truly my favourite cake detail. I think it is its unpredictability of how each sways and flows into the next. That it is imperfect, and that not one will never look the same as the other. Till the next ruffle cake! 

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Counting Down

Oh how time flies! It's been a year already since she shared the good news, and felt like just months ago when I took her to the tailor to get herself measured for her wedding dress (which by the way is possibly one of the prettiest classic white wedding dress I've seen made in awhile). And for someone who planned and decided on literally everything from choosing the location, food, table cloth cover, wedding card design, lighting of the hall, all the decor and the list goes on, she has been so calm, with minimal bridezilla moments. Hopefully she'll still be as calm as she has been for the past year, because her big wedding weekend is happening in just three more days! 

I'm actually most excited about being able to be a part of the Chinese wedding door games. I've heard so much about this tradition and can't wait to see the groom and his party get tortured (we have some very interesting games lined up), hehee. But I'm also super nervous because she just asked me to give a short speech, along with three of her other closest friends. My tummy always feels like it's about to jump out when I'm asked to speak publicly, but I think I'm going to brave this one because I would love nothing more than to share with everyone there that night, the amazing person that she is through my eyes and a special prayer for the couple.

To my Kimmy & Jason! Here's to ending the year with an exciting two week wedding celebration!!!

Last month in Melbourne, at the surprise picnic bridal shower we threw for her at the Stables of Como. :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Parliament

Scarf dUCk / Dress Love To Dress from FashionValet / Pants Sportsgirl / Shoes Zara 

After a week of quiet living in the suburbs of Victoria and wedding fun up on the mountains, I packed my bags and headed to Melbourne city to be closer to my newly wedded friend (who also just shared some of her ROM pictures here). I was up bright and early ready to smell the city's fresh coffee roast and make my way through a long list of quirky cafes and eateries my friend had prepared for us to get through together. While waiting for her to drive through the morning traffic from her side of the city, I made my way to the Parliament house and waited by the steps, taking in the glorious morning sun.

I just realized I was also wearing this same A'isha wrap dress in my first post I shared when the Ummah collection first launched, and I guess this will be the last post I share from this collection because I hear Love To Dress will be releasing something amazing soon (follow LTD on instagram to see what's happening next). This wrap dress is something I can see myself wearing and having in my wardrobe for a very very long time, because I have yet to come by one that fits as well as this. And the colours, well they're colours I live in.
Photos by Kim L.

*Love To Dress is having a sale now on FashionValet and Modvier. Don't miss is :)