Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jardin des Tuileries

Jumper Zara / Skirt Annah Hariri from LoveSora / Bag Vintage

If there's something I would definitely go back to Paris for, hands down it would be the parks and gardens. SubhanAllah, words can't describe some of them. Jardin des Tuileries is one of my favourite parks in the heart of Paris, just opposite the Louvre. It's simple but still breathtaking. If you walk past the big fountain in the centre, pass the rows of colourful lilies and big pink trees (where most of the locals and tourists will be), you'll find yourself lost in between rows of perfectly aligned enchanting trees, and into a quiet area, scattered with green chairs for you to lay back and relax, under the shade of luscious leaves, away from the hustle and bustle. All you'll hear are the sounds of chirping birds, joggers passing by and book pages flipping ever so softly. Had I not planned to meet up with my mum at a fabric store that afternoon, I would've happily taken a nap in this cosy little corner beside the nice old lady. 

The weather that day was beautiful, as the sun took centre stage, but surprisingly still chilly. And so I kept myself warm and fuzzy in a simple pastel jumper and tulle Annah Hariri skirt, which was the perfect thing to roam about the city in for some casual glam. 

Photos by Kim L.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sundays at Montmartre

One fine Sunday morning, my friend and I decided to go to Rue Montmartre, thinking that all the shops were open. But little did we know, Paris sleeps on Sunday, leaving us with mostly closed doors and a very quiet street. 

Nevertheless, we stepped out of the taxi optimistic and found ourselves standing in front of a local market ala Pasar Tani, as we walked deeper into the streets. This really lifted our mood because one of our to-do things here was to go visit a local market, and alhamdulillah we ended up at one by accident! And my sister also sent us out to pick up some food and fresh flowers for the apartment as we were expecting some special guests (who I will share more about later on as they are like family to us now) over at our place that evening. I loved every bit of the market, mashaAllah! Fresh flowers, delicious homemade dips and fresh pastries were what we managed to get our hands on before it closed. Did I mention the never ending array of gorgeous fresh flowers?! And the smell of local fresh produce that morning, was simply amazing.

Just as we thought our Sunday couldn't get any better, we walked back to the main street and was surprised to see a corner cafe open and another florist too. Bright purple chairs facing a quiet pebbled street and beautiful Haussmann building, we knew we had to park ourselves there and enjoy the view. And so we got cosy with our fries and hot chocolate to end our beautiful little outing at Rue Montmartre. Thinking back to that day, I realized with most of the shops closed, we could've had such a boring day out, but Allah planned it as such to be a perfect day for us. He plans the big events and the little ones like these too. Without a doubt it was such a beautiful day to be out, while most were in. :)

Photos by Kim L. and Yours Truly

Friday, 18 April 2014

Dream Getaway

Salam lovelies! Hope all of you guys are in the best health and iman. :)

I'm finally back at home alhamdulillah after what felt like a month away from home. Experiencing a slight case of jet lag, but that's okay because my mum is as well so I'm not the only one roaming around the house at 3 in the morning looking for food hahaa. Anyway, there's so much I want to share about my trip to Paris from the pastry class I attended, to the amazing new friendships made and the unimaginable beautiful parks there, but for now there's this one important event I just had to share first so you guys will inshaAllah get a chance to attend and experience before it is full house.

If you've been saving up for a getaway, I'm thinking this would be it guys. Spend some days away from the city at a gorgeous resort and with the Quran (and with Ustaz Nouman Ali, come on!). It really doesn't get any better than this!

Taken from their website:

Picture this. You, on a magnificent white beach, with warm sands tricking between your toes, overlooking a breathtaking sunset. A single thought comes to mind: Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah). A moment captured effortlessly by our sights and imprinted beautifully in our hearts to acknowledge the Creator of this sublime scenery, Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (the Exalted and Glorified).

Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an in Surat Ar-R`ad (Chapter: Thunder), “For without a doubt, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction” (13:28). Being surrounded by nature is one of the best ways to feel close to Allah (swt). One could gaze endlessly over the horizons, or look up to the sky, decorated with lamps of bright stars or even listen to the symphony of waves hitting the shorelines to find satisfaction in the hearts. But what if one gets to experience a spiritual journey with the words of the Almighty, the glorious Quran in the midst of these remarkable landscapes?

Don't even think about it. Click here for the full details. :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Salam lovelies! 

Alhamdulillah this morning I landed safely here in Paris with my mum and a close friend. We decided to take a little break from the kitchen to spend some time to indulge in the never ending desserts here. But it gets better, because my sister ended up joining us her. When in Paris, the more the merrier! :) 

We're definitely on to a good start because all the locals have been so friendly (much different to what I recall when I was here in high school). In fact so friendly, one of the tenants in this apartment startled me when he stepped out of the door and decided to pose with me, hahaa. Why not?

Photos by Kim L. and Yours Truly

Friday, 28 March 2014

Meaningful Prayer

Have you ever had one of those solat where after you give salam, you were like, 'Hold on, what did I just say?' Well, I've been having those lately. One of the things I hate the most when times get really busy for me is how crappy my solat can get. Mind wondering everywhere. Have I replied her email? This cake is due for delivery in a few hours, quick! Yummy roast chicken for lunch. Okay, the last one was something I could've avoided had I eaten first. My point is, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my kusyuk (especially on busy days), and it's probably because I don't really know 
what I'm reciting.

When I started taking the prayer seriously, I knew I had to make time to understand what it is I'm saying during this one on one time with Allah. But I never really got around to that, and sometimes I feel really embarrassed because I'm pretty sure I sound like one of those people who go for an interview and they talk about something which they know nothing about. Big fancy words are coming out of their mouth, but the interviewer knows that person has no idea what he's talking about. 
I'm that loser interviewee. 

I'm pretty sure if I knew and really felt a connection with what it was I say during my solat, even if I were busy, I would still have a decent amount of kusyuk going on, instead of rushing through my sujud and doing it like it's just a routine. I hate that I'm not feeling it lately and I'm sure Allah knows it too. So when this God sent project called Meaningful Prayer popped up, I knew I'd be stupid not to make time for it. Basically it's an online course to help you and I, really understand every little word we say during our solat from the time we say Allahuakbar to the time we give our salaams. My sister shared this gem with me last week, and I just have to share it with you guys too. Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jagda has only started uploading the introduction, so let's do this together!

Let's ask Allah swt to make us among those who are in real conversation with Him, feel the sweetness of the solat, and are washed clean of our sins with each solat.

"Salah is about reflection and pondering. It is about comprehending and understand. It is about feeling what you are saying and then delving into it and being absorbed by the experience of the salah. This can only be done wen you truly appreciate and understand what you are saying in the salah."


Dress (Safar Pelisse) Love To Dress / Pants Sass & Bide / Heels Zara

Ironically smiling is something I haven't been doing much these past few days. This past week has been a test for me and I'm sure for so many as well. It has been one sad news after another. Many lives were lost and returned back to Allah swt. Some are strangers and some are friends. To Allah we belong, and to Him we shall return. Tonight, my close friend just texted me of another loss of a special little some one. How do I smile tonight?

I just had to post this set of pictures I took awhile back to remind myself to not be sad for too long and to smile again like I did on that beautiful day. We will surely be tested in many ways, and lost of lives are among one of those. We just need to have faith in the Qadr of Allah and trust Him, the one who loves us more than we can imagine.

If Allah can remove someone or something you never dreamed of losing, He can replace them with someone or something you never dreamt of having.

Photos by Kim L.