Thursday, 28 April 2016

Just Keep Walking

Love To Dress top / Zara pants / dUCk scarf / Ferragamo bag / Maison Martin Margiela x H&M heels

I was on facetime with mum this morning and I noticed she was wearing a new blouse, unfamiliar to my eyes. See we wear the same size, so we tend to share clothes. I love it! So that means I know when she's been shopping or she'll know when I've been shopping, hahaa. A few days ago she needed a distraction from me leaving her again, so off she went to Zara (don't worry, half her wardrobe is Love To Dress. I made sure of it). 

Mum what size did you buy that blouse in? Looks good on you.

Extra small. Why?

Ohhhh. Just checking that you knew how to buy the correct size. So why did you insist on buying me clothes a few sizes bigger than what I was when I was a teenager?! 

To compensate for the lack of clothing you used to wear behind my back.

Cheapshot mum -_________- 

 So anyway, this conversation made me think back to once upon a time when I just could not imagine in a million years I would feel most natural and beautiful to be dressed the way I do now. I rebelled for many many years, (thinking I would drown in garments that weren't skin tight) but I'm glad I embraced that feeling of going back to what felt natural. 

If I could send a voice note to the young me, I'd tell her you really didn't need to expose all that to be noticed. In fact you hid all your beauty and brains behind everything you were exposing. Now don't get me wrong, I believe no one should be defined the way they dress, but I personally exposed myself for all the wrong reasons, perhaps different to others.
There are things that are innate in us, that for some, gets lost a long the way when life happens. But if you're one to follow your instincts, or more precisely, fitrah, keeping walking and you'll find yourself right back to where you were meant to be. You'll figure it out. :) 

Photos by Sumayyah N.

Home Sick

Salam everyone! Hope everyone is doing great because I'm.....not doing so great. Don't get me wrong. Life in general is just ah-mazing alhamdulillah, but I'm feeling super duper homesick (which honestly doesn't happen often). In fact I usually find it really weird and laugh at people who go on a holiday n wish they were back home saying they feel homesick. Who's laughing now. Not me.

When I got back from Saudi last week, I had two and a half days at home and back out to China. As much as I wanted more time at home, I had to come here asap because the next Eid2016 collection for Love To Dress will be launching soon and I want to make sure every little detail is as we visioned it to be. This collection is a special one. Not just the dresses, but the story behind it. Wait for it okay. This Ramadhan and Eid is going to be extra special inshaAllah!

So here I am, trying to make a corner in my hotel room as cosy as it can be to battle this home sick feeling that's been getting to me for the past six days. And omg this is going to sound so cheesy, but the only thing that's keeping me sane and giving me the feeling of home is when it's solat time. And last night I came across this video and I just realized that we're literally in a two way convo with God when we're reading the Fatihah in solat. I thought that was pretty cool. So yes, prayer time is all that's keeping me sane, besides the fresh juice stall we found nearby. I sound like I'm writing an advertorial for God. But I really am not, promise.

Just another week before I get to see mum, mocha, my juicer and my bed again. I can do this! In the mean time, you guys back home enjoy the upcoming weekend, even with the heat. :)


In between all the romantic comedies we love so much, why not hear a real life love story to bring us back to reality. ;)

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Feels Like Home

 Alhamdulillah I can't believe I have safely snuggled into my sister's home here in Saudi. And what a welcome I got! Allah's just too kind to me seriously. I'm always excited with what I've got coming my way with each travel and this one started off on a good note.

I arrived two nights ago and crashed right away. But when I woke up with the light in my face, I noticed my sister bought me some of my favourite flowers and placed them on my bedside, with some dates and water in case I woke up thirsty (along with the house wifi password, which has become a family tradition for us to do for each other 
when we visit each others home ahahaa). 

It's only been my third day here and I'm starting to understand why she loves living here so much. Trust me, a lot of people look at her in shock when she says she's enjoying life here. I guess the assumption is that life here in Saudi would be a total bore and oppressive, but it's far from. Let's just say women here have it wayyy easy than us back home. 

Besides the fact that she gave her once extremely rough on the edges home a total make over, making me not want to leave ever, I love that there's very little distraction here. Literally living in the middle of the dessert. Whats to distract you, other than the sound of the chirping birds and a gorgeous sunrise day after day from the clear landscape. 

Who knows, maybe one day I'll be living here for a bit. We'll see what God has in store for me. But in the mean time, I'll be partying it up in front of her garage taking ootds and spending quality time with my sister and partner in this gorgeous space that sure feels like home. ;)

Love To Dress wide leg pants / Zara shirt / dUCk scarf

 Photo by My Brother-In-Law