Monday, 13 June 2016

Peony Petals

Love To Dress blouse and pants / dUCk scarf/ Wanderlust ring / Nawal Jes heels

You guys know just how much I love flowers right? Especially Peonies. Oh yes, I have a separate section in my heart where my love for Peonies live (Yes, heaven in my head is made out of Peonies hahaa). So you can imagine the excitement I felt when I was able to incorporate something that I find so beautiful that inspires me constantly, into one of the designs for the LtD Eid collection. 

It's subtle and delicate just like the petals that feel ever so soft on your skin, layered one by one, on top of each other. Inside its petals, it wraps the nicest of scents and the most precious of creation, just like you, the one that'll be wearing it. :)

Photos by Itasha J.

Monday, 6 June 2016


Love to Dress dress / dUCk scarf / Wanderlust ring

Salam everyone! Happy first day of Ramadan!

How great is it to be alive to see and experience yet another. This month always give me goosebumps (the good kind) because of all the magical blessings that's just waiting to happen for us.

It's only the first day, and I've gotten so many good news from some close family and friends. One dua after another being answered, and it's only the start of Ramadan. That's the beauty of this month isn't it. Allah's just waiting for you to ask a little more, so He can gift us that much more.

Speaking of gifts, if there's one gift I wish for all of us to get this month, is none other than the gift of being connected to the Quran. This was, and still is God's ultimate gift to us, regardless of whether you're a Muslim or not. When this book was revealed to us, in this exact month centuries ago, a promise was made to us by God. Whoever remembers this Book and makes an effort to learn it, a special gift that goes beyond what the eyes can see will be given to them, and that is tranquility. Tranquility in their souls, their life and in their homes.

So this Ramadan, I ask Allah swt to open our hearts and mind to continue or start learning this Book filled with guidance and answers that will help us figure this life out a little better. And through our efforts, we can live our days filled with tranquility and closeness to Him. :)
Here's to another amazing Ramadan month ahead!
Photos by Itasha J.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


OMG! It's finally here! Alrighty, so if you guys haven't yet signed up to Love To Dress' newsletter, click here and subscribe so you're in the know because we're sending you guys previews of each of the design every night now till the launch day, next Monday on the 6th June inshaAllah.

We finally got our shipment of stocks from the manufacturer earlier today, and the LtD team and I are checking them one by one before we send them off to our retailers. So excited. So so excited!

Will be sleeping late tonight, but sleeping with a super big smile on my face! hehee.
Here's one more before I sign off tonight. Goodnight! :)

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday Vibes

Reminiscing spring in Paris while I get some work done on this beautiful day. 
Hope you're having a lovely chilled Sunday!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Love, Actually continued...

Picking up from where I left off yesterday morning. Sorry I couldn't get myself to finish it last night as I said I would, because I was just having too much fun hanging out with my mum and friend in the living room over some juice and random chit chatter about life and Leonardio Dicaprio. 

So as I said previously, a handful of people inspired us to create the #modernromance story and one of them is this dear friend of mine. Boy has she been (and still going) through a lot. But she's a champion. Although not too long ago, she lived in denial for way too long and found herself imprisoned by these two words, qadr and sabar. See I feel, there is too much misconception and misunderstanding on what these words actually mean in our life. 

I want to speak about sabr first. What usually happens is, when something bad or negative happens in our life, you (or the person doing it to you) will tell you to just sit through the yucky situation in the spirit of being sabr. And so this is what she was told to do, to stay sabr. She was told this by her husband, local imams, some friends too, all in the name of Islam (because to them, if she was a devout believer, she would accept that this is what's written for her).

So she stayed "sabr" through years of being constantly lied to, cheated at, mentally and physically abused by her husband. Oh yes, you read that right. And to top it all of, when she questioned why this is happening to her, he would say this is your qadr (what is written for us), hence why you should have more "sabr" and learn to deal with it better. 

Sabr is not about sitting idle and just accepting it because it is our qadr. It is accepting that yes, we are in this yucky situation, but we must be proactive to better the situation, and simultaneously turning to the controller of all, Allah, to get us out of it. Sabr is a verb.

It was only after she changed her perspective on this word, did she stop lying to herself or allow others to lie to her. She made a conscious effort to be honest with herself and ditch being in denial. She realized there is a way out of this and Allah will make it happen for her. And it did. Even with a handful of kids up her sleeve, she managed to start her own business and gain her self confidence back! And, a separation is well on its way.

She is confident now to not let people tell her that she has to accept being stuck in an abusive and polygamous relationship. She's confident now to not let others misuse Islam and Prophetic sayings to convince her stay in this marriage. She's confident now to see that she can survive and be happy again, without him. 

Whilst we all want a man in our life, sometimes happy ever after means fighting to let go, losing it, and starting fresh. Better things are always ahead of us. :)

I'm going to leave you guys with this, and hopefully continue with my next #modernromance story sometime this week. This is the story of my sister and how she fought through her marriage only to end up truly, madly, deeply in love with her husband, and vice versa after almost nine years of being married (that's a lot of years to wait, yikess! hahaa)

Speak soon insyaAllah! xx