Sunday, 29 March 2015

That Naked Cake

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and I couldn't be happier to be in my quiet space dusting petals and decorating this heavenly chocolate cake. The bride wanted a full on rustic look for her hantaran cake, hence the request of a naked cake, and, she has a love for butter cream so definitely no fondant here. And the sugar flowers, that she left to us. So there we went with a mix of classic ivory roses, dusted leaves, and fuchsia ruffle edged ranunculus petals for the much needed balance of texture. 

I brought in a little bit of my garden, plucking long stems of leaves from my small bougainvillea bush, hence the rain droplets on my table top. I find they help keep me inspired for a natural flow when arranging my sugar flowers. I wonder what inspires you other cake decorators out there...

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Live as you will, but know that one day you will die.

Love who you will, but know that one day you will be separated from them.

Do as you will, and know that one day you will be compensated.

Know that a believers nobility is in his standing in prayer in the night.

And his dignity is in his independence of people.

These were the words of reminder from angel Jibrail (peace be upon him), the trusted spirit, to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). I learnt the other night that he wasn't just any angel that delivered spiritual life and revelation from Allah swt, he was a true spiritual companion that gave solace to our Prophet (peace be upon him).

 Goodnight for now.
Tomorrow's another day to learn something new. :)

Tea in Etherea

LoveToDress dress / Hijabers Central scarf (both available at FashionValet)

 Stumbling upon precious gems like this is one of the things I love about traveling to new places. After walking all morning around Al-Bastakiya, a historic district of Dubai (perhaps my favourite part of this city), thankfully, one of us spotted this beauty of a place and suggested we park ourselves here for a little down time. Just steps away from Dubai museum, Bastakiya is made up of beautifully restored merchant houses (in them are art galleries, cafes and boutique hotels), each connected by a labyrinth of cosy narrow streets. You have got to wander around Bastakiya because it is one of the most picturesque step into Dubai's past.

And this Arabian tea house is most certainly one of its charm. As we walked past its traditional wooden doors, we were greeted with an all white setting so dreamy, it was like we had walked into another time and place. To be honest, I felt a bit nervous walking in there with this fuchsia Etherea dress on, given its colour against a serene white backdrop, but it was so comfortable I could walk around in it all day, and forgot all about it.

After our lunch feast of fresh breads and a glorious assortment of meat, we reclined on the big fluffy cushions, I brought my feet up and looked up to the rows of draped sheer white cloth, as perfect amounts of light peeked in at all the right places. I felt relaxed instantly and entirely.

Photos by Sumayyah N.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

That Tropical Feeling

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of you celebrating!

Hoping the rest of you guys are well and having a lovely start to the long weekend. :)

As I sift through my memory card to choose a design to share with you, naturally, I stopped at this one because of its unconventional mix of flowers, and contrast of bold colours. Designing this one, I knew I had to keep in mind that this cake was for a wedding after all, and not to go overboard by taking the tropical theme too literal. And so cascading some purple cymbidium orchids made all the sense to add an element of softness to balance the sharp edges of the Heliconias. 
Coming into our our eighth year with Gateauxlicious, I've noticed just how much we've changed with our cake designs, as we try to break away from the norm in hopes that it'll keep things interesting for us and also inspire others too. And speaking of changes, this year, there will be quite a lot of that happening, as we finally start our sugar flower classes this May, inshaAllah. We've gotten so many inquiries already, so we're really excited! Do follow us for updates on our instagram for more news on this okay. :)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Peach Skin & Peonies

dUCk scarf (from FashionValet) / Azuraazwa blouse

Wake up! Wake uppp...Come outside and take a walk with me.

Leave me alone. I have three kids.

Come onnnnn. The suns coming out any minute now.

It's 4.30am. Sleeeeeeeep.

Alright, I didn't want to argue with a sleep deprived mother. So I tip toed out of my sister's room, pinned on my soft peach skin scarf, slipped on my boots and headed to the field behind her house. A few skips down Mango Street, there I was, in the middle of an open field, greeted by a sky so breathtaking, I just sat. Everything in the skies and earth, really does declare God's perfection. I felt like I was being introduced again to His greatness. How did I forget? 

Safe to say I trespassed this property every morning for that week. Although, I did wave from afar to the man near the house at the end of the field, and he didn't seem to mind this random girl sitting alone in between his rows of crops. So I'm going to assume that that was an invitation for me to drop by anytime, teehee. 

About an hour later, my sister woke up (I love her so much for giving up sleep for me) and just as I walked back into the house, I saw her dressed, yawning with eyes only half open, ready to go back out there to take a walk with me. Our time there together was something I really missed. We barely get to spend time just us two anymore since she has three kids and who knows how many more on the way, so it really didn't matter if she missed watching the sky change its colour with me. It was beautiful there at any given time.

'Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah; and He is the All-Mighty, All-Wise.'

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Dancing Ladies

I don't think I'll ever be able to be well acquainted with all the different species of flowers out there. For instance, the orchid family. I had never heard of this kind of orchid before we had to make them, and even with this type of orchid, the flower varies greatly, especially in its colour and unique pattern on its petal. But if there's one thing they all share, is the large flower petal; the lip, which resembles a skirt, hence its famous name, the Dancing Ladies. 

Fortunately, the birthday lady has a loving husband that knows just how much she loves to dance, and thought this cake, and a room filled with sprays of Dancing Lady orchids would be a perfect surprise. It only made sense for us to pair these Dancing Ladies with some ruffles to add a little more movement and sway to the room that night. ;)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hearts Rebuilding Homes

About a week ago, one of my closest of friends and her sisters were having a chat over their family dinner about the current flood situation happening in our East coast, and just so happened to come up with a brilliant idea. It is....

the One Grand per Household campaign help those whose homes were completely destroyed by the East Coast floods. They realized just how much support everyone has been giving now, but wanted to focus on the aftermath of it all and the rebuilding of their homes and lives (I personally think that's when extra help is needed). They were initially really skeptical about the whole idea on being able to collect that amount for just 1 household, hence started to just ask the closest of friends and family if they wanted to join in on this. But somehow by Allah's will, the word got out through social media and a local radio station pick up on this and interviewed her, and they have now collected enough for 50 homes, woot woooot, alhamdulillah!

The donation collected will focus on the Hulu Kelantan area where there are approximately 800 homes destroyed in the wake of the East Coast floods. We may not be able to help everyone, but we are trying to help as many people as we can and we are counting on you and I to make this happen.

From her and her sisters, "No amount is too small, and our responsibility is to ensure your donation will reach those who need it most inshaAllah."

You can read more about it here. :)

(Collection ends 15th January 2015)
Account No: 7601082325 (CIMB)
Account Name: Ajjrina Annuar

Account No: 164892056247 (Maybank)
Account Name: Azzahraa Annuar

Account No: 7006196095 (CIMB)
Account Name: Azzwaa Annuar