Salams! I’m Asma’ Nasaruddin, Creative Director for Olloum, THE brand for the urban Muslim women.

About five years ago, for the first time in my life, I got a glimpse of what my life's purpose is after I picked up this book called the Quran, and decided I needed to learn what was in it.

Learning it has freed and liberated me of so much doubt and gifted me with clarity. Clarity and the confidence to pursuit my passion for for travel, fashion and photography as you will see throughout my posts here. My passions are a gift from my Creator, which I have embraced and so should you.

I found my purpose in between those pages, and wanted so badly to share it with everyone and anyone who was just as curious as I was.

Everyday I am reminded that my life here isn’t forever, as my brother passed away at a young age of 24. So I’d like to leave something behind for you when my times comes too. I’d like nothing more than to share what I hold ever so dearly to my heart; my faith.

For those who have been following me from my previous blog, I can’t thank you enough for all the duas made and for taking time to read my shared thoughts and experiences. Welcome back ya’ll! And for all of you new here, join me on my journey of learning and sharing the beautiful Message, wandering the world fashionably and living a healthy life together!

Peace and Love,