What I Wore In Santorini


When I got the surprise that we were going to Santorini for our honeymoon, I was speechless. I hugged him so tight and tears piled up at 

the corner of my eyes. 

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winter was just around the corner. the island was quiet and calm. it almost felt like it was just us two there.

santorini was ours to explore.

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I never told anyone this, but Santorini Island was THE place that sparked the wanderlust in me. My urge to travel the world became stronger and I knew I HAD TO visit this ridiculously picture perfect corner of the earth, one day.

Ten years ago, before the era of Instagram existed, I was working my first full-time job as an editorial assistant at Herworld magazine. Among the first few responsibilities I was given by my editor Sakinah, was to handle the travel page, the last two pages of the magazine. I had to collect travel images from people my editor asked me to contact, get their captions to the images shared, and write a short paragraph about the city based on the stories told by the person.

One day, I opened my replied email and downloaded the images. My jaw dropped looking at the pictures this lady had sent me. I saw one breathtaking picture after another. The crispy blue sky, perfectly matched whitewashed and pastel buildings, enchanting cliffs and inky waters. Where on earth is this place? I googled it right away, and knew that I needed to see it with my own eyes.

Fast forward ten years later, two and a half months after the wedding, I couldn't believe the surprise I got. Yusuf initially didn't want to tell me where we were going. Insisted the honeymoon was a surprise and he would only tell me four days before going because he said he asked Vivy and Ajjie and they said I only need four days to pack. I said NOWAY! I need to know right now because I need at least two weeks to plan what I want to pack to where ever it is we were going to go. 

Right after dinner, in the dining area, I pinned him down to the floor and forced him to reveal where he was taking me. When he finally caved and told me, I was speechless. I hugged him so tight and tears piled up at the corner of my eyes. 

After ten minutes of being emotional, my head was already planning what I would be packing on this vacation that I have been dreaming about at the back of my head for the past decade.

Describing Santorini as beautiful would be wrong, describing it as deeply impressive and at times, awe-inspiring would be far more accurate. 

Santorini. Husband. Honeymoon. I knew I needed outfits that were romantic, effortless and comfortable to explore the island in. And with winter just around the corner I knew I wanted to bring some pieces I could layer on like this cute pleated sleeveless top, worn over this white ruffle sleeves blouse. I wore it with these green pants which I got from my mum, which I've made a point to bring with me on all my travels because my memory of these pants were that it was worn by my mum on her travels too. I've labelled them my Travelling Green Pants, hoping that one day it can be passed down to my future daughter too, so she can wear it on her travels, inshAllah! 

Photos by Yusuf Ibrahim (hugsband)

What I Wore:

Scarf - dUCk scarf in Sugar Icing (matte satin silk range)

Top - Olloum ruffle sleeves top

Top - Duchess & Co sleeveless top

Pants - Trussardi cropped pants

Bag - Ferragamo bag

Shoes - Mel & Molly heels (similar version here)

(I swapped back into my flats after this photoshoot hehee)