While It Rains

Love To Dress shirt dress / dUCk scarf / Christian Paul watch / Valentino heels

Living in the city is seriously a blessing. I don't think we'll ever run our of new eateries to try. And with Instagramers like Sher Reen who constantly shares aesthetically pleasing spaces to fuel us with ideas where to hangout next, (if you ask, she'll be happy to also give an honest review of the food as well, not just how 'Instagrammable' it is there, hehe) that means we'll never run out of cafes to take shade from the rain. Like today.

This is Sitka. This place is my jam, especially on days I want to do my thing with no disturbance. They have wifi and their coffee is good. Two equally important factors. This place is chill and quiet (because everyone is too busy lining up to brunch and dine at Yellow Brick which is a few steps from where I stand in here). And, their almost all black interior got me smitten. In case it isn't obvious already, my favourite colours are black, pastel black, faded black, washed out black, light black, dark black and last but not least, charcoal black.

Okay, ya'll probably think I'm crazy making up those colours hahaa, but charcoal black is a legit colour, I promise. It's the colour of the shirt dress which I wore more than once last week. I couldn't help it. I wore it to work and over the weekend. The understated and effortless look of this dress is probably why I will most likely wear it on repeat and, keep coming back to it, much like how I'll keep coming back to Sitka. They both have that elegance and simplicity that puts me at ease.

Photo by

Kim L.