The Best of Us

If there's one thing that I truly love about this faith, is that our efforts count for way more than the outcome.

Can you imagine? If life was all about the results. This is something I constantly remind myself. It's the effort that counts, as God teaches us time and time again through this message from our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). My cousin shared something with me a few weeks ago. It reads very serious and heavy, but it's far from.

'The best of you is whoever learns the Quran and teaches it.' (Bukhari)

What a refreshing thing to learn; that as long as you are on this journey of learning the Quran, you are the best of people. We always assume that if the Prophet (pbuh) says the best of people, it must be his companions or someone super holy. But in reality, it could just very well be any of us. I like the sound of that.

I don't have the Arabic text of this hadith, but I'll try to explain it without. The start of the hadith says "khairu" (in Arabic) which means the epitome of something. So basically he (pbuh) is saying that you are the best of the BEST-EST, so long as you never stop learning. You never stop with your efforts to understand what Allah is trying to teach and share with us. This journey of learning and trying to understand what's in this Book is a never ending. Our learning never stops.

What I've also learnt from this hadith, is the beauty in equality. In Allah's eyes, we are the same. It doesn’t matter if you are the Professor or the student. The A scoring student or the barely passing one. Or if you have a sheikh in front of your name. As long as you are learning, you are a student of the Book. You are the best of creations.

To be honest, if it weren't for my sister who started learning the Quran maybe about six or seven years ago, I probably wouldn't have been interested in it myself. But she learnt one thing from an ayat. It sparked her intellect and so she shared it with the family. She taught us what ever little she has learnt. And it has snowballed into so many other people having the interest to learn it too.

And it's not even about knowing a lot. It's never been about knowing a lot. It's about continuing your efforts to learn and hopefully, share it too.

I hope we'll always make time to learn and appreciate this Book for what it is. And if you've learnt something, and it touched you deeply, or even changed you the slightest bit, never shy away from sharing or teaching it to others with utmost genuinity and honesty. You just never know who you'll benefit.

Let's be together, THE best of the best-est. The creme of the crop, in God's eyes. :)

Speaking of learning the Quran, in case you guys haven't gotten the email or notification, Ustaz Nouman will be back in KL for Story Night! How exciting. I love story nights. Happening on November 18th, 2016, inshaAllah.

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