Back Again

OMG, there is a new post. Yes, that's me being sarcastic with myself. This habit of mine, disappearing from the blog for long streaks of time is just annoying. But let's not focus on that, and just enjoy the fact that I'm here typing away. So thank you guys, truly, for still making time to pop by here.

Basically, I'm back in London again, yay!

It is truly by Allah’s grace that I am here again. When I came here earlier this year and told you guys I fell in love with this city, I wasn’t kidding even the slightest bit. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find anyone that wanted to hire me hence not moving here anytime soon, nor did I find a man to marry that lives here (I found an even better one that lives closer to home), but I still did find myself back here in this charming city for the third time this year. And the best part is, with my sister Huda. We've been wanting a trip together without her four kids for the longest time, so I'm still pinching myself that we're actually here.

Though, I think the long flight got to her because she fell sick on the first day we landed, which led me to have an afternoon and evening all to myself. Ahhh yes, I have embraced the fact that I'm one of those that really enjoy spending time by myself.....

....Ideally at a picturesque cafe, with a cup of coffee and a good read.

Right now, as I write this post, I’m leaving the city for a few days and on a train en route to Birmingham to stay over at a really good friends place. The view outside the window of the English country side mirrored against the overcast is just giving me all the feels, lol. The kind of feels you imagine experiencing as you zone out and immerse yourself in your thoughts. And so I'm here, about to write my next post about how I met the man I never once doubted Allah would pair me with, and it sure happened when I least expected it. I guess just like everything else in life.

This is my favourite surprise, and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it.