Frayed & Ruffled

So the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed (you know, the usual), and I saw @songofstyle wearing these pair of frayed denim with a hem that was shorter in the front, and longer at the back. Now normal people (i.e my mum, eldest sister, most of mankind) would be like, 'What on earth is going on with her jeans? Why are they uneven?' I, on the other hand, immediately went googly eyed and felt like I needed it. At the same time, Zara had just launched their online website. Yes, us Malaysians can now shop Zara in our jammies and have it delivered right to our doorstep (TROUBLE). And what do you know, there they were, one uneven hemmed denim after another as I scrolled down their 'jeans' category.

I paused for a second and made myself promise that I will not put anything into cart because I have three perfectly good pairs of denim that have served me well and this month was not the right time to be buying anything new. Moments like this, my mind starts to question life. Like why do bills exist? Why can't I just not eat for two weeks and put that money to other useful things such as these pair of jeans? Why am I not married so I can swipe his debit card for this? lol.

That moment of nonsense passed and I started thinking. I really want this but I can't add it to cart. And then! I remembered that I have a perfectly good pair of wide leg jeans that I barely use which I got from h&m three years ago at half price. I think it was the colour and extremely long length that put me off wearing them (i'm not the kind to alter things once I buy them). And I think when it comes to wide leg jeans, I just like them to be dark denim. So I had a light bulb moment to DIY them rather than they sit and rot in my closet.

Okay, so I didn't DIY them myself. What happened was, the next day, I brought them to my pattern maker at office and said, 'Maryam, I have an emergency task for you.' With a serious face, she gave me her full attention. I showed her this reference picture. 'Maryam, I need you to make my denim dreams come true before I fly out in a few days. But to do after working hours of course.' *reminds self that she has actual work to finish first*

I came back to the office the next week and there it was, my old wide leg jeans transformed into my very own asymmetrical pair of jeans. I knew I hired her for a reason. I mean for Love To Dress, of course. lol

So if any of you are digging this look too, there is always an alternative way to get it that doesn't involve you having to not eat for a week or not pay your rent/phone bill. Rummage through your wardrobe for an old something that can be your new something. I promise you won't regret it.

I have been wearing my old new pair so much. It has become a staple this past month. Wore it to brunch, wore it to the office, wore it to eat paper thosai and my favourite pairing that I did with it was when I wore it on the second day of London Modest Fashion Week.

Here's a closer look at the look I wore that sunny morning. :)

Love To Dress shirt / Deborah Henry x Fashion Valet off-shoulder top / dUCk scarf / Valentino bag and heels / DIY-ed jeans (similar pair here)

I paired them with my other wardrobe staples; LtD bell sleeve shirt (which will be restocked as many have requested yay!), my can't-live-without black scarf and my go-to heels. But my favourite part of this look (besides my DIY-ed frayed jeans) was this stunning off-shoulder ruffle top from the Deborah Henry x Fashion Valet collection. Thankfully it comes in black. Phewhhh.

Have a lovely lovelyyy weekend you guys. Till the next post!

Photos by Syami Azman