My Kind of Entertainment

Basically my go-to pages for when I'm in need of some food for thought, a good laugh or a refreshing read.

CURRENTLY READING : REVELATION, The Story of Muhammad by Meraj Mohiuddin.

Bayyinah TV

This learning platform literally changed my life, as it had others I'm sure. If you're ever interested to actually learn what on earth is going on in this book called the Quran, then head on and sign up to If the fees are too much for you, they have an option where you can subscribe for free too. You'll get hooked on the Quran before you know it!


Omid Safi

I don't know how I came across him, but the day I landed on this website called, where he contributes as a columnist, I fell in LOVE. He is the Director of Duke University's Islamic Studies Center. He is a genius of a writer and shares his insights in the most beautiful and effortless way possible. He inspires me to write better with each word he shares.


Because everyone needs humour in their life, and this guy is going to make you LOL on days you need it most (especially when you're pms-ing). His content is genius. Everyday things we can totally relate to. And, and at the same creating awareness for more serious things. His deep thoughts shared are highly relate-able too. Follow him on Instagram like right now. Right now!


The 'it' Mosque

Previously founded by Iman Suhaib Webb, this so called online mosque has way too many good articles for you not to visit on a regular basis. I grew so much with the articles, tafseers and personal stories shared there, especially in my early 20s. Forever grateful for all the knowledge I've learnt from The contributing writers rock my socks!



Just when you think they're a little wacko, I happen to think they're quite the charming couple and so perfect for each other. I love that they speak up on issues that not many aren't speaking up (creating content based on the questions and emails they get) about on their YouTube channel. And that they aren't afraid to just be themselves.


I have so much respect for this local youtuber, writer and father. Have been following his blog for many years now and I just love the relevancy and practicality of his content. Also, if you're a local who is interested in improving your spoken English, he's your go-to guy to get that motivation to improve. Hats off to him for trying to inspire the local youth to think outside the box and simply live life purposefully!