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Salam everyone! Happy first day of Ramadan!

How great is it to be alive to see and experience yet another. This month always gives me goosebumps (the good kind) because of all the magical blessings that is just waiting to happen for us.

It's only the first day, and I've gotten so many good news from some close family and friends. One dua after another being answered, and it's only the start of Ramadan. That's the beauty of this month isn't it. Allah's just waiting for you to ask a little more, so He can gift us that much more.

Speaking of gifts, if there's one gift I wish for all of us to get this month, is none other than the gift of being connected to the Quran. This was, and still is God's ultimate gift to us, regardless of whether you're a Muslim or not. When this book was revealed to us, in this exact month centuries ago, a promise was made to us by God. Whoever remembers this Book and makes an effort to learn it, a special gift that goes beyond what the eyes can see will be given to them, and that is tranquility. Tranquility in their souls, their life and in their homes.

So this Ramadan, I ask Allah swt to open our hearts and mind to continue or start learning this Book filled with guidance and answers that will help us figure this life out a little better. And through our efforts, we can live our days filled with tranquility and closeness to Him. :)

Here's to another amazing Ramadan month ahead!

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Itasha J.