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Peony Season

I've arrived in sunny Brisbane again, alhamdulillah! 

My family and I are in for a crazy fun week here as we surprised one of my sisters that live here. I think I almost cried just to see how happy she and the kids were to have us there all together for the first time. And the best part is, I've arrived just in time for Australia's peony season! I warned them that if they couldn't find me, most likely I'll be at the flower market.

Coincidentally, the last sugar flower I had to dust for this year was this peony, which I almost didn't want to place on the cake just so I could keep it for myself. Amongst the white and pastel coloured cakes and flowers, this blood red peony stood out like a beauty, and got me just in the right mood for this little break before we hit 2015.

Happy early holidays from me here! :)

Love Generously

I've had these pictures sitting on this page for quite a few days, not knowing where or how to even begin with this post. So let's just start with how me and my close friend Lala met. 

I was thirteen years old when I moved to Perth and entered high school there. I was a loner who was too shy to speak to anyone and so I ended up eating my lunch mostly alone behind a hidden bush or beside the toilet. It doesn't get any sadder than this! hahaa. Soon enough Lala saved me and the rest was history. We became partners in crime and practically did everything together. And today, even though we live countries apart, somehow we've managed to still be in each others lives and there for when we need each other the most. And this was THE day.

 I landed a week before the big day and stayed at Lala and Richie's home along with her sisters family who had flew in for this as well. I was so so happy they welcomed me with open arms into their cosy home because I get homesick real quick and staying in a hotel would've made it so much worse. I was taken care of so so well by them, and to be honest, this was probably the highlight of my week there. The warmth I felt from just how generous they were with their home, time and just going out of their way to make me feel comfortable. One of the first few things they fussed about was getting me to a halal meat shop, which really brought me back to our high school days because her mum would always prepare halal meat when I came over to her house. So we bought a whole lot and everyone at home ate halal meat for the next few days.

Staying with them made me truly understand why in Surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 177, God includes taking care of a traveler, as one of the ways to define goodness in someone. "…shares their wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needay, the traveler, those who ask (for help, and for freeing slaves..". Making sure I had a heater and three blankets to keep warm at night, cooked rice for me in case I missed home because we Asian yo, picked me up from the train station and made sure I got home safe were just the few things they didn't have to do, but did just cause.

So to be there as her bridesmaid was really the icing on the cake for me. I won't get into just how amazing that day was as I'm hoping the few pictures I managed to capture (in between rushing to set up the wedding cake and making sure everything looked like her Pinterest board) will do the talking for me. I loved everything about that day. Everything was real; the smiles, the laughter, the beautiful flowers, the stress, the tears and most importantly, the love. It wasn't the fairytale kind. 

To my dearest Lala & Richie, may you guys build a beautiful home together and find ways to always love each other, especially when you get under each others skin. As Richie says, there's no turning back now because they're like one DVD now, side A and side B, hahaa.

Photos by Yours Truly and Imran N. 


Welcome back to work everyone!

Hope you guys are feeding off each others positive vibes being back at your work space with your colleagues. I've settled back in the kitchen quite nicely alhamdulillah. Except my work space is looking a little bit different these days, as I've taken on another job title, doing something totally different! Not to worry though, these hands aren't going to stop decorating cakes anytime soon. Gateauxlicious cakes aren't going anywhere inshaAllah

I can't wait to officially share the exciting news with you guys. But for now, let's just say, with butterflies in my tummy, I'm finally dipping my toes in what feels like familiar waters, finally!

God willing, this will be what's best for me in this world and the next. :)

Back At Work

After a lovely break from cakes during Ramadan, mum and I are happy have our hands busy again for all the upcoming wedding and celebration cakes. First up is one of my favourite things to do, dusting petals. Definitely a good start. Hope you guys have a smooth transition getting back into work mode after the Raya holidays. I just realised I'll be turning a year older this month (eeeeeeeekkk), I mean alhamdulillah. :)

Happy 1st of August everyone!