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Smoothie Slay

I always find myself having the most food cravings (minus pms week) when I'm stuck in the office with the girls, working all day. And it's during those after lunch hours that me and the girls find ourselves craving for a snack or dessert. But the nearest thing available around our office is usually our local 'goreng2' options which are a no-no to me (I used to be a goreng pisang addict until I realized the reused oil they fry it in does nothing but harm to the insides of my body).

Exit goreng pisang, enter smoothie bowl. I've always wanted to try the smoothie bowls from Impressedmy, but never got around to it because their outlets are placed at locations I just don't go to. So when I found out they deliver to your doorstep, I was like yasssssssss. Just a heads up though, you have to order a day before you want it delivered.

Yay to the existence of smoothie bowls because they're definitely a much healthier snack alternative. Let's try our best to fuel my body with fresh foods and less processed foods. And these smoothie bowls are slayin' it for me. My favourite from ImpressedMy are the Mango Tango and Choco Nana. ;)

Feeling Fresh

If you guys have been following me on my Insta stories, a few weeks ago you would know that I was doing a fifteen-day detox. Five days of a mix of juice, smoothies, veggies and soups. And, the remaining ten days of a mix of detox juices. I was in desperate need to give my body and skin a cleanse. So I'm so glad I managed to do it (with a little bit of hiccup here and there by secretly having a few extra servings here and there, but it's all good).

And one of the things I was looking to follow through for better skin after my detox, was a new skincare range and regime. So it was super timely that I came across this Aesop range of Parsley seed skincare. I didn't purchase the big bottles right away because it's always good to try them out first as our skin reacts differently from one product to another. So I got my hands on this little travel pack. And I LOVE them.

I cleanse, clear my face with the toner and then dab on a little bit of their serum every day before going to bed, and I have been waking up with super and smooth soft skin. I'm a firm believe that what we eat plays a huge role on our outer, but I also do think it can be enhanced and improved with a consistent routine using products that aren't harsh on the skin.

And so I totally recommend you try them. This is the first time I'm writing about any skincare because honestly, this is the first time I've felt such a huge difference. So if you've been looking out to try something new, give this range a shot okay. :)

The Kettle Black
Love To Dress Top & Pants / dUCk scarf / Chloé bag / Valentino heels

Hands down one of the most beautiful cafe's I have been to. The last time an eatery left this huge of an impression on me was Caffe Storico in New York. This space though. It's so major, I can't even. There's something about spaces that manage to seamlessly mix the old with the new. Heritage and modernity were effortlessly translated, nestled in an Australian heritage terrace that's right smack in the city, adorned with uber chic modern finishings. Marble tiles, subtle gold trimmings, high ceilings, and natural light for days. The attention to detail brought together by Melbourne interior creatives Hana Hakim and Kestie Lane, warrants it to be on your must-visit cafe list.

Okay, can we talk about the food now, please? BEST brunch I've had, ever. I'm trying my hardest to find one flaw to this place, because I sound so biased right now, but I can't think of any. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the menu is as handcrafted and well-curated. Genuinely wish I had more tummy space that day because I wanted more than I could chew. We wanted so bad to order more, but reality dawned when our tummies were so full from a huge bowl of soaked muesli with their home-made yogurt, and Tataki ocean trout with kale and poached eggs. Note to self the next time I'm there, must bring an extra tummy to Kettle Black.

Wandering back to that sunny day in Melbourne, the happiness and ease felt that morning surely set the tone for the day. After brunch, we trotted from one place to another, picking up last minute things to bring back home, so staying comfortable was just as important as the natural light needed to flat lay our brunch, hehee. And this new pairing I had on from Love To Dress' upcoming lounge collection is all about keeping you comfortable and chic, so you can effortlessly transition from lazing around at home to skipping out for brunch dates with your best mates. :)

Photos by

Kim L. , Tom Ross & Studio You Me

Sunshine Bowl

In case you haven't heard of Rubberduck, I feel it is obligatory upon me to share this cafe with you guys because every single dish they've served out of their open kitchen concept, have been 10 out of 10. And hands down they make the most DELICIOUS smoothie bowl. Yas, the one I'm holding up there. It's just so refreshing and filling too might I add. But if you're not into this, I promise you their other options (yes they have eggs too and other carb options) won't disappoint either.

And if you see two gorgeous ladies running around the cafe when you're there, that's Kat and Lin, the ones who founded and run this cute little al fresco joint.

Brunch this weekend there with your hubby, parents, siblings or girlfriends okay! :)

Papaya Bowl

Last weekend I had one of my best friends over for breakfast. We planned on going to a cafe nearby, but I thought I would rather make her some green juice, avocado toast and this beautiful bowl.

So, in case you think I’m a genius for doing this. I’m not. Some girls thought I came up with this idea when I posted it on Instagram last week. I actually found this on Pinterest (as do all of us for most things, lol). And omg guys, having your yogurt out of a ripe papaya is just LOVE. It tastes so much nicer because papayas are so sweet and delicious, it just adds on more flavour and body. Although, if you don’t like papayas like I once did (I had a fear of it because it would always send me running to the toilet right after. Little did I know that was actually a good thing) then you probably won’t enjoy it as much as we did.

Anyway, I’m always looking online for ideas on how to mix things up to keep it interesting, and this sure did elevate my usual morning yogurt bowl with fruits, chia seeds and oats. In case you’re wondering which yogurt to buy at the groceries, get our local brand Farm Fresh, the plain natural yogurt. It tastes so good and it doesn’t cost much at all.

The next time you pop out for groceries, pick up a tub of plain yogurt by Farm Fresh, a ripe papaya and try this out okay! ;)