Spring in London

Love To Dress dress / Zara coat / dUCk scarf / Chloé bag / Mel & Molly heels

Let's just put it out there that this was the first time I've seen London with spring as its backdrop. I fell in love harder than I fell for this city back in February. Spring there is so overwhelmingly beautiful, I can't even. I was crushing it on another level. I had butterflies and everything. Even Paris didn't look this handsome.

Well, I was just too happy to be back in this city. Kaksue and I were there for work first and foremost, but there were some days we were having way too much fun that it felt like, 'Work what?'.

We stayed just minutes away from Notting Hill, which was ideal since I was in need of inspiration. And the amount of eye candy around there was truck loads of inspiration to last me the whole year! I've been wanting to explore Notting Hill for the longest time, but wasn't able to because back in February our schedule was so packed, so we only stayed nearby our apartment in Kensington.

So many of the cafes I wanted to pop by were located in this neighbourhood, so it was meant to be. And seriously, I can't even begin to describe just how smitten I was with the row of pastel houses, and contrasting coloured doors they had on. Some even had a huge cherry blossom tree on their door front, like this one right here. We came across this street on our way to get some Chai latte that chilly afternoon, and I had to do a double take and go back there a few days after.

I can't wait to see how it looks like there in August. Hopefully with warmer weather so I can roam about the streets of Notting Hill again with just a flowy summer dress, minus the coat. :)

Thank you to LtDs ex-intern Farah, whose partner is an amazing photographer, who happened to be there in London too for the same event I was there for. So they woke up early that Sunday morning and helped me capture some of these amazing shots.

Photos by Syahmi Azman

So enough of me. Here's one of them. Thanks Farah and Mie for that fun morning and letting me shoot you guys too! I missed being behind the lens.