Draping With A Dress

Love To Dress dress / dUCk scarf / Chloé bag

One of the things I enjoyed most at the London Modest Fashion Week weekend was seeing the diversity of different women. I almost couldn't stop staring at the beauties I was sitting opposite to and spoke to after the shows. See in Malaysia, the majority of Muslims are Malay. So being able to be in a space filled with Muslim women from all sorts of ethnicities with different coloured skin tones and style interpretation was like candy to my eyes.

And to my surprise, some of them follow LtD on instagram. Ahhh, LOVE. But back to them. I was so inspired by the many ways they styled their scarf and their interpretation of fashion. I wish I managed to capture more footage of the street style I saw on my London vlog, but I was living in the moment and forgot to record it all.

So this led me to my long awaited moment of figuring out a new style to wear my scarf. I've been in a scarf rut for almost a year, cracking my head on how to wear it different. I tried a few, but they either required too much thought or too many pins. I wanted easy peasy with minimal pins. And so I got this. Thanks to the ladies I met there, this chilled drape vibe is what I'm feeling every day now. And paired with this flattering Picot waist dress, it just went all too well together creating an effortless flow.

Ahh, I've missed posting. Till the next one, have a lovely day everyone!