Two Thousand And Seventeen

Salams everyone!!!!! How's it going? Hope you're all in the best of health and feeling all pumped up for two thousand and seventeen.

Wearing Love To Dress basic tee

I'm so ecstatic to be back in Brisbane again with my sister and the kiddos (which you probably would've seen a lot of if you're been watching my insta stories). Ended two thousand and sixteen, and woke up to a new exciting day in the heat of the summer, with these beyond beautiful bunch of Peonies. They're so fluffy I just want to plant my face into the bunch. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world during this time of the year. Come to think of it, I just realized it's my fourth year in a row being here during this time. I guess I didn't realize it has become somewhat of a tradition. I think I like this tradition very very much!

Family, sunshine and, peonies.

Happy New Year everyone! Hoping this is the year you and I do something we've always wanted to but was afraid to do so last year. Sending you guys lots of love and light from sunny Brisbane! :)