Birthday Breakfast

I thought long and hard about what I'd share on my first post in my this new category 'health' and knew this would be the perfect one. A surprise birthday breakfast last month with these two best friends of mine.

If you guys follow me on either my Instagram or snap chat, you'll know that I'm a HUGE FAN GIRL of eating clean and juicing. Besides my actual human friends, my best friends are fruits and veggies, chia seeds and avocados. The thing is, I never thought I'd be this person. Six months ago, my definition of breakfast included deep fried hash browns. Yummmmmmm (back then). Now, I salivate at the sight of a half cut avocado or fresh juice dripping out of a slow-pressed juicer.

This was a significant change in my life, and to be honest, it wasn't easy to change my diet full circle at the start. But I managed to pull through because I had the most important thing in this whole equation, SUPPORT. Having a support system was more important than knowing what to eat. Thankfully, my family was totally on board and my mum the health enthusiast, just looked at us like, finally you get what I've been doing my whole life. My best friends on the other hand...they love junk/MSG/anything I say no to they love, basically. True story.

So I told them that this diet change was for real and I needed their support too. I don't know why I was so worried because they went beyond what I ever expected. I know they don't get what on earth I'm talking about most of the time, and zone out the minute they hear the word health or don't eat things with MSG in it. But somehow, they always have a way of surprising me by showing just how much they actually know me. And I love them so much for it. 

That early Saturday morning just after sunrise, they blindfolded me and walked me up a gravel road and surprised me with the most beautiful breakfast spread! Ahhhhh, loveeeee. And, it was at a super special location (Toots' new home in the making).

Overlooking the lush greens, a table for three, decorated with all my favourite flowers (somehow they managed to find Peonies!!! I dieee), there on the table, a buffet of my favourite things to have for breakfast. Fresh juice, Greek yogurt, oats, nuts, chia seeds, fruits, raisins, and edible flowers to garnish. I guess they were listening to me rambling away this whole time. Safe to say I enjoyed the breakfast spread the most. Toots is slowly trying to eat better, but Vivy literally didn't touch anything on that table, so she brought her own Coco Crunch lol #makeduaforvivy.

Anyway, I was seriously in disbelief and awe. I couldn't believe they did this for me because I knew they were soooo busy with work and their kids. Loving every bit of it is an understatement.

In that one hour we sat there over juice and yogurt, I enjoyed every minute of their company, kindness and love shared. (wow, emo overload) I guess sharing this post took me back to that morning.

I thank God everyday for gifting me with these two, who show me so much love and care (even though they act macho and deny their love for me), and are so supportive of my whole new love for eating clean even though they don't get it and still think french fries are veggies because they come from potatoes! -_______-

Sighh, long way to go to get them on board. But whatever, I love you guys long time!