Blooming Poppies

Two years ago, on one of my travels to Melbourne for this special wedding, I drove past a small florist up on the mountains. We stopped by in a rush to pick up some filler flowers for the wedding cake. But at the corner of my eye, I saw this very unusual type of flower. The poppy. The vibrant colours caught my attention and so did its very unconventional flower shell of mixed match shapes.

I was drawn to their wobbly looking and not to mention hairy stems (resembling unwaxed human legs, lol). As much as I wanted to grab a bunch of them, I wasn't able to at that time because I had limited cash at hand and no atm nearby to rush off to. I just knew that that day on, I would keep my eyes open to get some if I ever saw them again. Malaysia doesn't grow them, and neither do they import them in. So everywhere I traveled to, I was looking out for Poppies.

Two years later though, I was at the right place, at the right season. I finally found them at the flower market in Brisbane! Yasssss!

So if you guys have never seen or heard of Poppies before this, this is them. Let me be the first to introduce you through my snaps. Guys, say hello to Poppies. Poppies say hello to guys. :) #crazyflowerlady

Thanks for spending time to pop by here. Have a great weekend you guys!