White Out

Love To Dress blouse, jacket and pants / dUCk scarf / Valentino bag and heels

So I woke up super early this morning, even though I went to bed later than my usual bedtime. Was actually in bed by eleven but my mind just wouldn't shut down. I guess I was too nervous and anxious for the release of the new collection this morning!

Just wanted to share with you guys my thoughts this early morning. This Fall 2016 collection marks the 8th collection I've designed for Love To Dress, and will be the last. The last that I create alone. Sorry, I missed that 'alone' part out, hahaa. I have a designer on board the team now, yay! Don't worry I'm not going anywhere. Wouldn't want to even if you asked me to leave. Alhamdulillah, I am enjoying every collection, every day, every hour and every minute of it because it's a constant effort of getting to know this woman that I'm dressing; the LtD woman. And she is one inspiring person.

In case the pictures don't speak for itself, this collection is all about redefining work wear, with a subtle feminine twist. Work in our life, plays such a huge role, that this collection was a no brainer. We'd be silly not to think of your work wardrobe. Our work is so significant to us, and apparently other people too because it is almost always the second question they ask you after 'Are you married yet?'. 

One of the first few things I picked up from the Quran was that to work was such an honourable thing in the eyes of our Creator. The work we do is something truly loved by Allah swt. He loves those who earn an honest living in the best way that we can, with the skills that he has given us. So I dedicate this collection to all my working LtD women, whether you are working in an office 9 - 5, from home, or doing something out of the ordinary. Keep giving it your best effort as it inspires me to do so too.

May Allah swt reward us for the work that we do, open doors of opportunity for us, and gift us all with much success in this life so we are even more successful in the next and eternal life. :)

Photos by

Kim L.

p.s. If you're baffled as to which to get first because realistically most likely we can't get them all at once, I suggest the jacket first simply because you can style it in so many ways. And then get the pants and blouse. :)

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