Will Be Back Soon InshaAllah

Salam everyone! I owe you guys a huge apology really. I'm sorry I have been super mia. Minus the fact that so much is going on right now, I am in the midst of revamping the blog and adding a few other new categories. A lot has happened in the past year. A lot of good things! And so it has left me impacted, hence the want and urge to share much more with you.

It might take a little bit more time (this blog thing-y) than I expected because I decided to do this myself, rather than hire someone to do it for me. But I need to learn at some point right, and googling how to move from one blog platform to the other is a just google search away. So as blur as I am, I think I can do this!

With the new website and content shared, I hope we can connect on so many more levels. Speak to you guys again soon inshaAllah! :)