Smoothie Slay

I always find myself having the most food cravings (minus pms week) when I'm stuck in the office with the girls, working all day. And it's during those after lunch hours that me and the girls find ourselves craving for a snack or dessert. But the nearest thing available around our office is usually our local 'goreng2' options which are a no-no to me (I used to be a goreng pisang addict until I realized the reused oil they fry it in does nothing but harm to the insides of my body).

Exit goreng pisang, enter smoothie bowl. I've always wanted to try the smoothie bowls from Impressedmy, but never got around to it because their outlets are placed at locations I just don't go to. So when I found out they deliver to your doorstep, I was like yasssssssss. Just a heads up though, you have to order a day before you want it delivered.

Yay to the existence of smoothie bowls because they're definitely a much healthier snack alternative. Let's try our best to fuel my body with fresh foods and less processed foods. And these smoothie bowls are slayin' it for me. My favourite from ImpressedMy are the Mango Tango and Choco Nana. ;)