Comfortably Chic

Just in case word hasn't reached you, Love To Dress is back at it with something totally different. This collection is by far the most special one I've worked on focusing on.....wait for it.....LOUNGEWEAR! When my sister shared this idea, we were like, why didn't we do this sooner. Of course we need lounge wear in our life.

What do you wear when you're chilling at home? When you go to bed. When you have to quickly run out for errands. When you want to take a relaxing walk in the park. When you have to stay over at your in-laws. When you want to still look good for your hubby, but decent enough to be around the kids or family members. These are some of the moments we tend to forget about looking and feeling great about ourselves.

With comfort being on the top of the list, LtDLounge is all making sure you feel uber comfortable and looking chic inside the home with minimal effort. And this collection is all about the stretchies. I mean who's going to say no to stretchable fabric, come onnnn. A tag line I came up with that didn't make it to our newsletters was Stretch Your Way Through Life, lol. You get what I mean right.

We spend so much time and effort trying to look our best when we step outside, it only makes sense that we are looking and feeling equally beautiful in our homes, where things matter so much, and where we are with our loved ones. These moments are just as important, if not more than the time we spend outside.

So here's my note to all my LtD women:

Have you ever wondered where you are most comfortable, most yourself? Most beautiful? I think women are most beautiful when she is in her element. With her loved ones. Where she has no fear of being judged, able to express her thoughts ever so freely. With no hesitation, she is her truest self.

Take us with you, into your comfort zone, where you are most vulnerable…most beautiful. Let us lounge with you.

Made especially for you, this #LtDLounge collection is all about chic and comfortable dressing.

And, because you (my readers) are super special to me, I want to share our look book with you first. So click here to be the first to see the look book for the first launch this 27th December 2016.

Also, I want to know where you guys feel most comfortable, and why? Share it with me in the comments below, because I most probably will be giving one of you guys your favourite piece from the lookbook.

I can't wait for these to be your everyday go-to's because I've literally been living in them. :)