Feeling Fresh

If you guys have been following me on my Insta stories, a few weeks ago you would know that I was doing a fifteen-day detox. Five days of a mix of juice, smoothies, veggies and soups. And, the remaining ten days of a mix of detox juices. I was in desperate need to give my body and skin a cleanse. So I'm so glad I managed to do it (with a little bit of hiccup here and there by secretly having a few extra servings here and there, but it's all good).

And one of the things I was looking to follow through for better skin after my detox, was a new skincare range and regime. So it was super timely that I came across this Aesop range of Parsley seed skincare. I didn't purchase the big bottles right away because it's always good to try them out first as our skin reacts differently from one product to another. So I got my hands on this little travel pack. And I LOVE them.

I cleanse, clear my face with the toner and then dab on a little bit of their serum every day before going to bed, and I have been waking up with super and smooth soft skin. I'm a firm believe that what we eat plays a huge role on our outer, but I also do think it can be enhanced and improved with a consistent routine using products that aren't harsh on the skin.

And so I totally recommend you try them. This is the first time I'm writing about any skincare because honestly, this is the first time I've felt such a huge difference. So if you've been looking out to try something new, give this range a shot okay. :)