Wrapped Up In Peonies

Love To Dress dress / dUCk scarf / Chloé bag / Zara heels

How timely was it that when I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago Peony season had jus started! Oh how I wish I was able to stay a little longer so I could have more of them around me. If you have been following me, then you’ll know just how much I LOVE them. I wish I had a bunch sitting in front of me right now as I’m feeling under the weather these past few days, and they really do lift my spirits up when I’m unwell.

Actually, Kim and I had planned to visit a Peony farm and go Peony picking (oh what a dream it has been for us to do this together). But guess what happened? The weather was too cold and so the Peony farms there had all postponed their opening dates to the public. I was so eager (okay more like desperate) to visit one I emailed every single one asking if they would make an exception for one tiny girl (me). Each farm replied back with a polite no. Ah, sadness. Such is life.

But it’s all good alhamdulillah, because all the florists were selling them and Kim had brought me to the best one in town. So we bought a huge bunch for the home, and admired them together and even took turns smelling them, lol.

Peonies or any other flowers really do make the perfect accessory to bring warmth to a home, or in this case, made the perfect accessory for the wrap dress I had on that day. It was my last evening there and the cool breezy weather made it all the more lovely to be outside for a bit. (watch the short video of that day here) And speaking of the dress I had on that day, can I just be honest with you guys? This is by far one of the most comfortable dresses I've had on in awhile.

This wrap dress is truly effortless and I simply love the way it flows and feels. It's light and totally unrestrictive for days I don't feel like walking so lady like. Thankfully, it comes in black too. Ah, yes, how can I forget my first love; black (even though it's not present in here). For now, let's just embrace the pastel hues of the pink brick wall, these Peonies and lovely light brown wrap dress.

Photos by

Kim L.