Papaya Bowl

Last weekend I had one of my best friends over for breakfast. We planned on going to a cafe nearby, but I thought I would rather make her some green juice, avocado toast and this beautiful bowl.

So, in case you think I’m a genius for doing this. I’m not. Some girls thought I came up with this idea when I posted it on Instagram last week. I actually found this on Pinterest (as do all of us for most things, lol). And omg guys, having your yogurt out of a ripe papaya is just LOVE. It tastes so much nicer because papayas are so sweet and delicious, it just adds on more flavour and body. Although, if you don’t like papayas like I once did (I had a fear of it because it would always send me running to the toilet right after. Little did I know that was actually a good thing) then you probably won’t enjoy it as much as we did.

Anyway, I’m always looking online for ideas on how to mix things up to keep it interesting, and this sure did elevate my usual morning yogurt bowl with fruits, chia seeds and oats. In case you’re wondering which yogurt to buy at the groceries, get our local brand Farm Fresh, the plain natural yogurt. It tastes so good and it doesn’t cost much at all.

The next time you pop out for groceries, pick up a tub of plain yogurt by Farm Fresh, a ripe papaya and try this out okay! ;)