The Patch

Good morning!! Hope you guys had a great start to the week. I'm back in China for work as of yesterday morning. But last week, I was so fortunate to be able to take a short break from work to be in Melbourne with my good friend Kim. I ended up here because her hubby is oh-so-sweet! He wanted to cheer her up as he had to be away for work for a few weeks and thought a nice surprise for her would be to give her some company in the form of ME, lol. The minute he texted me to ask if I had some free time, I was already rearranging meetings in my head! Thankfully, the timing for it fit right in between my two China trips. Allah truly is the best of planners.

This was my third time in this city, and I seriously have nothing but love for it. If I could choose a home away from home that wasn't too far from KL, Melbourne would be it. (my sister who lives in Brisbane is going to kill me once she reads this for sure)

It was an amazing four days of us just chilling, doing random things like me teaching her how to bake a Vanilla cake and her waking me up early to attend her Xtend Barre class (my muscles are still aching from that work out), coffee runs, chilling with my Kimmy at home and catching up with two other close friends there, and us driving from one brunch to another. Because when in Melbourne, you BRUNCH.

Super delicious beetroot stacks and sweet potato waffles were on the menu on this first date of ours. To many more brunch dates! :)