Body Beautiful

If there’s one big misconception, it’s this; that if you’re skinny (or wearing XS clothing), you're most likely healthy, into fitness or are on diets. Wrong, wrong and wrong. I was none of those three.

So about a year ago, I started to notice my body wasn't functioning the way it used to (my twenty-eight year old body missed the twenty-six year old body). I wasn't energetic like I usually was, my skin was breaking out more regularly, clothes were getting a little tighter, I wasn't able to wake up early, I’d wake up with an annoying runny nose almost everyday, I'd need a few naps in a day, and the worst, I was getting heart palpitations. Omg, that freaked me out! There are so many more things but it'll be TMI to share here.

It just so happened that my sister (a junk lover, who told my mum when she was just a kid, that she was going to give her future children Coke because she didn't want to deprive them of it, like how my mum did, lol) and I came across this documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. That one evening, we decided to watch this instead of a movie on Netflix.

It’s basically about this guy called Joe Cross, originally from Australia. He was overweight and had a horrendous skin condition and other health problems. He had been on steroids (prescribed by his dr) for years and life was just getting depressing for him. So he took it upon himself to take time away from work and go on a 30 day juice cleanse. Extreme, I know what you’re thinking. But watch it first, and see the changes that happened with his body. He shares with is amazing things about what goes on in our bodies.

My sister and I found ourselves nodding in agreement together to what was being said and saying so many OMGs during it. And the minute the docco ended we knew this was God sent and a huge wake up call for us (she had been putting on weight and had her own internal issues as well). We knew it was time to change our diet and give our body a kick a** detox and cleanse that it needed. It was time to reboot! I distinctly remember that feeling of LIGHTBULB.

Felt like I was waiting for this moment for so long. To wake up from taking my health and body for granted. I was sick of always feeling lethargic, and longed for the kind of energy I used to have. And truthfully, I felt like a fraud because people assumed I was healthy since because of my figure. But I really was not at all.

I thought to myself, I've got too many things I wanna do in this life, and I wasn't going to be able to do it unless I was able to function at my maximum level of energy. I needed my mind, body and soul to all be at its best (as cheesy as that sounds). So I changed. I changed my mindset. I changed what I put in my body. I changed my grocery list. I changed the places I'd eat out at. And if you’re anything like me, can’t cook to save your life (I only cook once a year and one dish for Hari Raya haha).

Anyway, I highly highly recommend that you guys click here and please watch this documentary. I know some of you may not click it because health is not something of importance, and it’s okay. It will take time, or you may only think of it as important when something uncomfortable happens with your body, like myself. But for the ones who do watch it, please do watch it with an open mind.

The funny thing is, I’ve actually gotten a lot of criticism as well from people. It’s crazy really, but I didn’t mind. It is my body. I will take control of it. They’ll say things like don’t you think it’s a little extreme. Not at all. I only did the 10 day reboot (you can choose, depending on the state of your body) and then went on a eat clean diet. It's all about fresh foods. I ditched processed foods and sugar (although I do let myself give in a little during those pms days you know).

We owe it to our bodies to take amazing care for it. It is after all, just on loan from God. Give it a chance to function beautifully. I truly wish that all of you guys give this a try because I can 100% say that I love my new rebooted body. I love the way it looks, the way it feels and love that I can say, I don’t take it for granted anymore.

I love my body. All praise and thanks to God for letting me reboot it to be beautiful inside and out again. :)