Well Hello there gorgeous! That's my mother, mashaAllah looking as good as ever at sixty years on her wedding day, wearing Love To Dress (but of course). I have been wanting to blog about this for the longest time, but haven't gotten around to it. But today is the day I don't procrastinate and just get down to it.

Words can't describe how happy my sisters and I are for our mum. For her to have met such a kind hearted twenty-five-year-old man. I’m kidding, he's sixty too! lol (not that there is anything wrong with marrying someone younger, as did Khadijah with our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon them)

So my father passed away ten years ago from colon cancer. And ever since that day, mum and I have been besties. Living and working together. Besties always want the best for each other. And so ever since that day, I had always secretly hoped for her to be married again. Okay, but perhaps not as much as she has been hoping for me to be married, lol.

To be honest, I knew this day would come. She didn’t though. My mum is always way too shy to even think about it and would always sell herself too short to think anyone would fall for her, especially at her age. But I know she’s too special of a human being for someone not to want to spend their life with her. I’d like to take this opportunity to say that sometimes, daughters know best too, not just mothers, hehee.

My mother is so shy that she kept the secret of a man proposing to her for almost a year! Arghh, I felt so betrayed. Besties tell each other everything right? How could you mum? It wasn’t till I sat her down one evening did I get it out of her. I had noticed her having the looking-into-space kind of face so frequently, I knew something was up. And me being me, didn’t stop asking till she spat it out.

Mum, you better tell me or else I might die on my flight to China tomorrow morning and you’ll regret not telling me.

Okay fine! But promise not to tell your other sisters.

I promise. I promise.

There’s this old man. He is in my accounting alumni Whatsapp group. He asked me to marry him.

Literally, guys when she said that, I almost fell off my chair, and wanted to scream and say, Omg you hot stuff! But I knew she’d feel super shy and awkward so I took a deep breath and just said,


And I didn’t reply his WhatsApp.

-____________- What do you mean you didn’t reply him?! You just left him hanging with two blue ticks.


Evil mum… that’s just evil.

I felt sorry for the man already. Sigh, two blue ticks after asking a woman to marry you must hurt. I knew I had to step in.

The conversation went on for very long. And it actually took me some time to convince her to give this guy a shot mainly because of her two concerns; What would people think getting married again at her age? And, getting married again before her daughter did? I told her to forget about what people think and think about what you want. Think about this door that Allah is opening up for you; companionship. Something my sisters and I know she missed out on with my late father. My late father was a very generous and kind man, but he was always too busy for my mum working day and night to provide for us. So we knew my mum had always missed out on having an actual present partner. She raised us pretty much alone, as did many of our mothers. So we really really wanted her to have real companionship with someone.

When she finally agreed to give him a shot. She did what any woman would do. She sent her army of daughters to suss him out. We met with him at a cafe one evening, had a long chat and came back with the seal of approval! It, of course, helped that he ordered a salad instead of a hamburger. A sixty-year-old man who eats salad willingly. Unheard of.

We call this sweet old man, uncle Dad now, hahaa. We figured we’re too old to call someone Dad, but Uncle would’ve been too informal. So naturally, Uncle Dad seemed legit. And guys, he is just the sweetest. One of the most chilled out person I know. He helps my mum grocery shopping, he cooks for her and always waits up for her (even though that means him falling asleep on the couch alone on some nights, lol so cute) on days she gets home late from baking in the cake studio.

Two blue ticks and a year later, they’re happily married! Uncle dad truly brings a lot of ease in my mother’s life now. I see it every day with my own eyes and that puts my sisters and I at so much ease.

I made so much dua for my mum to have an easy life as she comes into their old age. I didn’t know how exactly she’d have that. But now I sleep happy knowing that my prayers were surely answered through her marriage with Uncle Dad.

May Allah swt bless their marriage with lots of laughter and ease and grant them both an abundant of reward for being each others companion in these very special years of their life.

Okay, okay, now it's my turn, lol. InshaAllah when the time is right. :)