Morning Reads

Ni Hao! Good morning from Dongguan, China!

Was catching up on my weekly reads of BoF articles, the Revelation book (which I've mentioned once of twice about on my instagram), and papers from back home. Okay, I wasn't catching up on the papers at all. I only have a copy of it because The News Straits Time paper surprised us at Love To Dress with another amazing write up of the recently launched Fall collection. And I brought it with me to China so I could do this flat lay and read it again and again, lol.

Truth is, I always feel far from home when I come here, and so bringing familiar things from home (my books and this newspaper pull out) make me feel a bit more at ease. And a little bit of ease goes a long way when you're feeling extremely homesick.

Surely counting down the days till I board my flight home. Seven days to home. I can do this, inshaAllah. Just keep reading. :)