Pleating It

If you're like me, always in search of a good cup of coffee in town, then please do yourselves a favour and have a cup here. One Half is a gem. It's uncluttered and filled with an abundance of natural light, which is probably why we overstayed a little to capture this. Thankfully, the people over at One Half were just too kind to let us do our thing as they focus at foaming up a great cuppa just for you.

Love To Dress dress / dUCk scarf / Valentino bag and shoes

There was a time when I once couldn’t imagine wearing long dresses. I was all about the pants. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still love me a good pair of well-cut trousers. But now, I fall hard for dresses too. In fact, the first thing I keep a look out when I step into a store in search for their dresses. And the more I did this, I realized that not many brands offered casual dresses that weren't the typical maxi dress.

So this pleated dress came to life basically due to my frustration of not finding that perfect one that had pleats. The image of pleats had been circulating in my thoughts for awhile, and so it only made sense to make it happen. Though significantly inspired by my desire for it, I hope it’s a dress that speaks to others too.

Dressing has always been about how it makes us feel. And I want you guys to feel amazing about yourselves each and every time you slip it on, and, feel as light as air as you gracefully pleat away. :)

Photos by

Kim L.