Brisbane's Botanic Garden

Love To Dress blouse / Zara pants / dUCk scarf

If you take a peek into my passport, you’ll see that my pages are mostly filled with stamps from the Gold coast immigration, also known as Sunshine State! Regardless of how busy things get back home or at work, I just have to make my way there at least a few times a year because my sister and the kids live there. And FaceTime every morning just doesn’t do it for us. I need to give them hugs and kisses. And my sister needs me to wash nappies.

So it baffles me that in the gazillion times I’ve traveled in and out of Brisbane, why is it that this was the first time I’ve set foot in Brisbane’s Botanic Garden?

I loved the Tropical Dome they had in there. It took my breathe away really. It's hard to describe so if you're heading to Queensland for a holiday, please add this on to your itinerary. This place is gorgeous and every little bit a perfect place to let the kids run wild. And wild they were (Abu Bakr was a brave little one crawling around thinking he could catch a bird). Although not wild enough because no one fell into the lake. Phewhhhh. Or else, this all white outfit I had on would not have been a good idea at all.

Okay, wearing all white on a day out with the kids wasn’t very smart to begin with. But I felt like challenging myself. My sister said she bet I’d leave with stains. (no money was involved, halal bet of course) And would you believe it, I left with no stains at all. I took extra precaution though during our picnic to feed the kids by strapping them into their strollers so no one runs and accidentally bumps into me with their pink strawberry yogurt. Let’s just say I felt like a champ that day. All white, with no stains. Oh, yeahhhhh.

So I’ve got just over than a month till I make my way back there again inshAllah. I can’t wait! The weather is going to be beautiful in December for a picnic out with the kids. Camellia’s of all sorts were in bloom when we were there last, and they smelt just divine. Rows and rows of them in sweet shades left me snapping away.

I'm curious which flower the Botanic Gardens will be decorated with when we go next. Tempted to google it, but I think I’m going to let it be a surprise. Come December, I shall get dressed (perhaps not in an all white outfit again), shove the kids in the car and get my sister to drive us all down there for another fun filled day.

Come quick December! :)

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Yours Truly & Nurul N.