Breakfast Situation

I woke up super excited yesterday because our mini kitchen renovation was finally done! For the longest time, my mum and I have been wanting to renovate the cute little kitchen in this house we've been staying at. We're always hesitant to do much to it because we're renting, and not certain how long we'll be here. But since she got married recently, we figured she'll be staying put for at least another few years inshaAllah, so long as we don't get kicked out (thank God I've grown out of having wild house parties. Now, party = bedtime).

Was so thrilled my mum agreed to marble tiles. I jumped out of bed and popped out all things relevant for breakfast, from the fridge, and happily chopped away. It was a blissful Saturday morning. Home alone with a medley of fresh fruits and a wall too pretty I couldn't help but stare at her more than once.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! :)